Public Speaking
Ready to discover the adventurer within you?
To challenge what you think are your limits?
The Vogel family will show you that you are capable of more than you may think. If we - an ordinary American family - can cycle the length of the Americas, what can’t you do?
What are your dreams?
Sail around the world?
Go back to university?
Build the world’s best thing-a-ma-jig?

You can do it – if you make the decision to do it. We can help you make that decision.

John and Nancy are available either together or separately for public events, motivational talks, or school presentations. Please email us at for more information.


John (aka Dad) and Nancy (aka Mom) are long-term teachers, travelers and adventurers who have been featured extensively in the media. They’ve appeared on Good Morning America, the NBC NY Nightly News, and in many magazines including Parade Magazine and National Geographic Traveller (UK).



With their children Davy and Daryl, they spent nearly four years exploring the Americas on bicycles and the children hold the Guinness World Record as the youngest people to cycle from Alaska to Argentina.





I am really moved and inspired by your family's choice of lifestyle. Choosing less conventional paths, especially when children are involved, seems like it would be a big choice to make. -Cindy

You have inspired this home educating family to question what it is we want from our life together, and to make that dream a priority. -Sue

Your achievements are an inspiration to many and you should be very proud. -Lananna

Wow. Powerful, beautiful, and inspiring. -Barb

Your family is an inspiration to many, myself included. -Chris

Mind blowingly awesome. You guys are amazing and an inspiration. -Matt

Thank you for showing the world that cycling and travelling are great and wonderful ways to see, learn, and educate. -Harry & Ivana