Tips for Bicycling with Children

We've been cycling with our children since they were very young and have learned a thing or two about bicycling with little ones. Whether you plan to pedal to the park on a Sunday afternoon or bike around the world, here are some tips that will help you.


Mayan ruins at Palenque

Interviews with Cycling Families

  • A young toddler takes to the road
    Rebekka and Flo, along with their son Chan, completed a multi-year journey from Vancouver to the southern tip of South America. Chan was two years old when they started their trek and six when they finished.
  • A family sees America from the seats of a bicycle
    Dorrie and Mike Williams, along with their 9-year-old son Gregory, cycled across the USA on a triple bike.
  • A family cycles South America
    The Verhage family cycled extensively in South America with their two sons on the backs of two tandems.
  • A bicycling family on the Pan American Highway
    Sean and Ingrid Tomlinson were intrigued by the Pan American Highway partly because it joins together so many places on their 'want to see' wish list and also because it's such a long journey. Journeys have always appealed to them - the simple lifestyle, changing scenery, the not knowing exactly where they'll be each night or who they'll meet.