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David222 viewsAt the Colombia/Ecuador border saying our final farewells to Colombia.Dec 03, 2009
David153 viewsDec 03, 2009
David160 viewsIt was a long way straight down to that river and we had to climb the whole way!Dec 03, 2009
Panamerican Highway through the Colombian Andes91 viewsYou can see the road carved into the hillside perched above the river. Its usually very green but they are amid a severe drought.Dec 03, 2009
Las Lajas84 viewsThe elaborate chandeliers and surroundings are in stark contrast to the rock front of the church. Dec 03, 2009
Las Lajas114 viewsThis church is amazing - built into the canyon wall 200 feet above the river.Dec 03, 2009
Typical Country House84 viewsNov 03, 2009
The Andes90 viewsA small village nestled in the Andes Nov 03, 2009
The Andes67 viewsThe weather held as we rode up into the mountains out of Pilcuan.Nov 03, 2009
Climbing Again75 viewsIt was a hard but beautiful climb out of Pilcuan.Nov 03, 2009
Back Up into the Mountains92 viewsJohn and Daryl starting their ride toward the Ecuadorian border on a rainy morning. Nancy & David's gear is destined for a bus that they will take to Equador where David will get his ingrown toenail operated on. After he recovers, they will come back and ride to Equador. Nov 03, 2009
At Carlos's Wife's Cousin's House80 viewsOur accomodations in Pilcuan. Notice Daryl in the far room - he refused to sleep near to his brother.Nov 03, 2009
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