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Hilly Roads360 views
Fertile Valleys61 viewsEvery single place they can find a flat spot of ground, they grow crops.
Getting Closer!68 viewsThe mountains aren't nearly as far away as they once seemed!
High Mountain Desert65 viewsIt's interesting to watch the vegetation change as we climb higher.
Cactus Country!69 viewsIt was so much fun to start seeing cactus again - until John sat on one! OUCH!
Balancing Act84 viewsDaryl has decided his new challenge is to balance on the roadside posts for our entire break!
Pushing to Campsite60 viewsWe found a nice place to camp down in a dry riverbed - but it was very sandy getting there. It's tough pushing our heavy bikes through deep sand!
Setting up Camp80 views
Cactus Bloom63 views
Evening Campfire93 viewsNow that we're up in the mountians, it's cold at night! And - for the first time in a long time, there were bushes and stuff to burn! After so long in the desert with nothing but sand, this was a big change!
Warm Sleeping Bag159 viewsFortunately, both of the boys have warm sleeping bags so they sleep well. John and I need to sleep in lots of clothes as our bags aren't that great.
Daryl on a Cold Morning87 viewsAs we got higher, we pulled out clothes we hadn't seen for a year or more!
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