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Accomodations for the Night121 viewsA typical place we stay at night in Central America. Nothing fancy!!
Sweaty Game of Soccer108 viewsDuring a rain storm, we got stuck in this huge covered shelter that served as a bar. In this shelter David played a spirited game of soccer with these local kids. Boy did they ever get sweaty and dirty! After the game David showed them his GameBoy.
Morning Fog103 viewsWe left Tole at daybreak - we were up in the mountains and it was very foggy, which made it quite cool. The kids actually wore long-sleeved shirts for a while!
David and Nancy113 viewsOnce the fog mostly burned off so we were riding in bright sunlight, we still had a few views of cloudbanks trapped in valleys.
Foggy Mountains93 viewsThe fog made the most marvelous views in the mountains
Nancy99 viewsClimbing hills in the Panamanian heat and humidity was a challenge.
Sweets Maker111 viewsWe passed by this sugar cane press and the man gave me a personal demonstration of how it worked. He hooked up the horse and squeezed juice from the cane. He will then boil the juice over a fire until it is a thick honey and mix it with shredded coconut to make a sweet.
Making Sugar Juice104 viewsHe strained a bit of juice for me. Although it tastes really good, it was very hard for me to drink it as the sanitary conditions were not quite what I typically strive for!
The Sugar Cane Man106 views
David's Ingrown Toenail144 viewsDavy's toe has been red and inflamed for a couple of weeks. We treated it with antibiotic ointment, but that didn't help at all.
The Diaganosis166 viewsThe doctor would have to perform surgery to dig the ingrown toenail out.
David's Ingrown Toenail142 viewsThe doctor cut the entire side of Davy's toenail off, then started digging around to find the offending nail
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