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Welcome to Mexico249 views
At the Border Crossing200 viewsTraffic lined up waiting to enter Mexico from the USA
David213 viewsWaiting to cross into Mexico on the bridge over the Rio Grande
On the Border258 viewsThe Vogel Family just before entering Mexico
Claudio286 viewsClaudio escorted us to his motel 3 or 4 blocks from the border crossing in Reynosa, Mexico.
Reynosa, Mexico 213 views
David on a Harley-Davidson257 viewsWhen we crossed the border the Mexican immigration computers were down so we couldn't get a proper visa. The Dragones Motorcyle Club loaded us on their bikes and brought us across town where there was a large enough vehicle to transport us to the next border crossing down the Rio Grande where we could get proper visas. David chose to go with Hugo on his Harley.
Daryl on a Harley-Davidson223 viewsDaryl chose to ride with this Dragones member.
At the Reynosa City Hall235 viewsWe went to the City Hall and were going to be greeted by the mayor but he was out of town so one of his representatives greeted us.
At the Reynosa City Hall221 viewsNancy being interviewed by the press. She loves it!
At the Reynosa City Hall207 viewsNancy being interviewed by the press. She loves it!
At the Reynosa City Hall218 viewsYes, can't you tell she just loves it!
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