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We spent a whole year preparing for this journey. In addition to simply planning where we would go, we had to fix up the house for a renter, get our finances in order, get all our equipment together, and do a gazillion other things!

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Random files - Preparation
David & Dash712 viewsDavid and Dash on the first day we got him
Nancy Dash978 viewsDash is just as anxious as we are to get started on the trip!
Supports for Dash's sunshade665 viewsThere will be a canopy over these supports.
Taking down the tramp586 viewsWaahhhh!!! I hate to see it go...
Before Soccer Game465 viewsBefore I left, the living room looked like this.
The beds were the last things to go into the trough.458 viewsNow we're sleeping on the floor - two months before takeoff!!
Davy Plays Hard!472 views
Pile of stuff to pack600 viewsFor five months we've just been throwing stuff in a pile - everything that might, possibly go on the trip with us. Now it's time to sort it all out!

Last additions - Preparation
Bikes Boxed Up529 viewsAll three bikes - boxed and ready to go.Jun 06, 2008
Our Gear Ready to Go628 viewsIn addition to three huge bike boxes, we've got three big bins of gear ready to fly up to Prudhoe Bay.Jun 06, 2008
Tiling the bathroom floor521 viewsA friend came over to help John get the tiles on the bathroom floor. It looks GREAT!!Jun 05, 2008
Saying Goodbye625 viewsThe kids explained to their classes what they will be doing next year.Jun 05, 2008
John puts finishing touches on Big Blew733 viewsWe never even totally unpacked the tandem - just unwrapped it enough to do what needed to be done. John is now putting a mirror on his handlebars.Jun 05, 2008
Back at REI701 viewsThe bikes are finally back at REI - this time to be packed for the plane ride to Alaska. The tandem has a grand total of five miles on it at this point.Jun 05, 2008
Bent Rim617 viewsA big section of the rim of our new tandem was bent in.May 31, 2008
Bent Rim613 viewsOur tandem finally arrived - with a damaged rim!May 31, 2008