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Central Argentina


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Lake District


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Southern Patagonia


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Tierra del Fuego


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Random files - Argentina
Flat as a Pancake113 views
Our hosts in Salta89 viewsLeigh and Noah, with their daughter Lila and puppy Mani - what great times!
Now, them's some BIG thorns!76 views
Playing with the kids100 viewsWe all had a blast at the asado!
Camped at a house55 viewsWe pulled in to Sosneado looking for a campground - but there isn't one. A kind family invited us to pitch our tents in their yard.
Lake Nahuel Huapi 42 views
Good Morning!61 viewsIn the morning, we always allow the boys to sleep in. John and I get up early and start packing. The boys both share one sleeping bag for a few more minutes of snooze-time - but they frequently fight over it!
Daily naptime116 viewsJohn has taken to wanting a nap every day so we pull out the tarp and rest. The boys pull out their ebook readers - the Kindle and Kobo. It's a nice little break from cycling!

Last additions - Argentina
Pizza with Mabel and Roberto322 viewsWe checked all our luggage in early at the airport, then headed over to Roberto and Mabel's house for one last pizza dinner.Apr 01, 2011
Tierra del Fuego100 viewsDaryl and David climb an old abandon lighthouse near the Argentina/Chile borderMar 26, 2011
Tierra del Fuego National Park107 viewsDaryl amongst the fall foliage. Mar 26, 2011
Near Ushuaia107 viewsMar 26, 2011
Ushuaia104 viewsOne of the original houses built by homesteaders in the 1980's. The Argentine government was afraid Chile would take Tierra del Fuego from them, so they made a massive push to get settlers into Ushuaia. There was no housing available, so people quickly built these tiny cabins to live in.Mar 26, 2011
Ushuaia104 viewsOne of the original houses built by homesteaders in the 1980's. This has been improved on over the years. Mar 26, 2011
Ushuaia268 viewsThe government allowed settlers to place their houses whereever they wanted, but asked them to build them on top of tree trunks so they could be moved. When streets were built many of the houses needed to be moved to other locations. Now, many of them have been moved onto permanent foundations, but many remain on the trunks.Mar 26, 2011
Ushuaia284 viewsIt's interesting to see the variety of original houses - some have been upgraded into very fancy houses and others are mere shacks.Mar 26, 2011