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Northern Bolivia


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Cancer Patients


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Mountain Biking


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Eastern Bolivia


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Random files - Bolivia
Lake Titicaca98 views
Homeschooling in the tent62 viewsPhotograph by Dado Galdieri
Goodbye Verhage family!67 viewsWe only had a couple day with the Verhages, but the boys had a blast!
Slow Going33 viewsNo idea how Cristian managed to get the van up to the top and then back down again...
Flower Zone47 viewsWe passed by a series of villages that harvested flowers - they were so beautiful!
Nayely39 viewsLittle Nayely had a kidney removed when she was only 8 months old. She is now undergoing chemo and they hope they won't have to do radiation.
Typical Sight49 views
John and Michael51 views

Last additions - Bolivia
At the border209 viewsWe had to stop in the middle of the busy border market to check out of Bolivia. We watched the bikes like hawks!!Sep 26, 2010
Rickety Bridge88 viewsThe only way across the river was this old, one-lane bridge that was shared by everyone - cars, trains, bikes, pedestrians, donkey carts... We had to walk across so ended up holding up a lot of traffic behind us.Sep 24, 2010
Changing Landscape83 viewsIt's interesting to see how rapidly the landscape changes - we've just now entered into this area with palm trees and wonderful mud formations.Sep 24, 2010
Shade Tree162 viewsAlthough there are a lot of trees around here, they are mostly all scraggly, thorny things that don't provide much shade. This one was a great place to take a break - so we stopped even though we took a break 5 km before!Sep 24, 2010
Welcome to Villa Montes!170 viewsAs we pulled into town, these reporters flagged us down and wanted an interview. I had to laugh as I watched John struggle through a Spanish interview - the first one he's ever done! I always do the Spanish interviews as I speak fairly fluently.Sep 24, 2010
At the Hospital102 viewsThe doctor needed to completely remove the nail - fortunately, it didn't hurt as much as having his toenails ripped out.Sep 20, 2010
Daryl100 viewsSep 20, 2010
Daryl helps out88 viewsAfter Davy took a tumble and ripped out his fingernail, Daryl took his bike so Davy could ride into town on the tandem.Sep 20, 2010