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covered wagon

Families travel to give children a better education

Children are born to learn. Their brains are designed to make sense of the wonders in the world around them. When they climb trees and see cocoons or birds’ nests they learn. When they dig in the mud and play with earthworms, they learn. When they discover the delicate structure that used to be a […]

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klondike paddle boat in Whitehorse, Yukon

Roadschool: travel + homeschool

More and more people around the world are combining traveling and homeschooling – and calling it roadschooling. It took many years before the idea of homeschooling had become a viable option to public schools, but now that it has reached the point where people are comfortable with it they are looking for new and creative […]

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Roadschooling: The ins and outs

Update: I now have a book out containing all this information and more. You can find it here: Roadschooling – The Ultimate Guide to Education Through Travel Will my kids learn everything they need to know? Will I be able to keep up with my children’s education on the road? Will I harm my children […]

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daryl with monks

Yes, my kids are homeschooled. Yes, they are “socialized.”

(Excuse me while I climb on my soapbox for a minute) It’s the dreaded “S” word that all homeschoolers deal with – socialization. “How do you deal with the socialization of your children?” they ask sweetly and innocently. Because, as everybody knows, homeschooled kids are social misfits. Homeschooled kids are locked away at home and […]

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