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with stone sheep in British Columbia

Regrets about long-term family travel?

I was browsing the Lonely Planet forum the other day and stumbled upon an interesting question:  “Do you have any regrets about taking an extended family vacation?”  The poster was considering heading out with her family for a year or more and was wondering if any of us would make a different decision now that […]

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Facing the Finances of long-term travel

One of the questions most people have when considering long-term travel is about the financial side of it all. We know we need to have the money available, but the logistics of finances of long-term travel can be a convoluted mess to try and sort out. I’ve written about this a few times, but I […]

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bike touring

Avoiding burnout: Finding your pace during long term travel

“I’m tired, Mom,” Daryl mumbled as we pedaled a remote Oregonian highway. “I want to sleep.” “I’m sleepy too,” Davy added. John and I figured the boys were just whining – they were eight years old, after all. We figured once we arrived at a town park the boys would be off and running, because… […]

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life is like a coin. You can spend it on anything you want but you can only spend it once

Becoming Location Independent: Where do I start?

For many dreams, having a source of income that does not revolve around physically being present in a certain place is a must, but creating that situation can be difficult. It may seem, at first glance, as an impossible task, but I believe we’re all up for reaching our own personal unreachable star. I’ve met […]

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Follow your own particular dreams

Back from the brink: One year after a journey to the end of the world

This was us one year ago today At that time we were cycling through our very last valley before rounding a corner to get our first glimpse of Ushuaia – our target, our goal, our destination. It had been a long slog to get there. The most intense year of my life to plan and […]

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john thai buddha

Do you have an exit strategy from your long term travels?

There are many wonderful aspects of being a long term perpetual traveler. There are dozens of names for them – digital nomad, lifestyle design, location independent, world wanderer – but they are all basically names for the same thing: a person who travels the world with no plans to ever settle down in one place. […]

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Long term travel isn't always fun

12 reasons why you should never travel long term

Long term travel is gaining in popularity in the United States thanks to the many websites encouraging career breaks or gap years. It seems that rarely a day goes by when I don’t hear about yet another family, couple, or individual shunning the traditional 9 – 5 path through life to head out for a […]

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Living History Days

Reentry – A mental conundrum

I am seriously hoping we are nearly to the end of this whole reentry process. I just want to feel settled. In many ways, we are now comfortably entrenched into a normal American lifestyle. The boys are doing well in their math and science classes taken through the public schools, they’re loving being a part […]

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honduras sign

How we afford long term family travel

I don’t claim to be a financial guru – not even close.  I won’t even claim this post will have any information that might be helpful to you in planning your own family adventure.  What I will claim is that what I write here is totally honest and is how we managed to travel for […]

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The boys

How Do We Pay for our Extended Family Trip?

It’s the financial aspect of a journey like ours that leaves most people scratching their heads in wonder – how can it be possible to pay for a multi-year family vacation?  Although I don’t claim to be an expert in planning long-term family trips, I guess I am somewhat of an expert seeing as how […]

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Camping in Peru

Details on how much our extended family trip cost?

What does it cost to travel as a family for nearly 3 years on bicycles? That’s a good question. It also happens to be one of the hardest questions to answer.  I encourage you to read my article about how to afford an extended family vacation first, then come back and read this. I can […]

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Newsletter – Ready for takeoff

June 6, 2008 It’s time. We’ll fly out on Sunday – and I’m scared spitless. We’re doing the last minute things right now – getting the last of our belongings in storage, cleaning the house, and packing the gear that will go with us. It all just feels way too overwhelming. The other day I […]

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