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covered wagon

Families travel to give children a better education

Children are born to learn. Their brains are designed to make sense of the wonders in the world around them. When they climb trees and see cocoons or birds’ nests they learn. When they dig in the mud and play with earthworms, they learn. When they discover the delicate structure that used to be a […]

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klondike paddle boat in Whitehorse, Yukon

Roadschool: travel + homeschool

More and more people around the world are combining traveling and homeschooling – and calling it roadschooling. It took many years before the idea of homeschooling had become a viable option to public schools, but now that it has reached the point where people are comfortable with it they are looking for new and creative […]

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You Can Do It Too

You Can Do It Too – 25 Homeschool Families Share Their Stories: A Review

I had the honor and privilege of working with author and blogger Lorilee Lippincott on her new book: You Can Do It Too: 25 Homeschool Families Share Their Stories. The book is a series of interviews with 26 (I know it says 25 but there are really 26) families on what homeschooling really looks like […]

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Roadschooling: The ins and outs

Update: I now have a book out containing all this information and more. You can find it here: Roadschooling – The Ultimate Guide to Education Through Travel Will my kids learn everything they need to know? Will I be able to keep up with my children’s education on the road? Will I harm my children […]

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dennings in guatemala

How to Use Parental Mentoring as a Solution for ‘Educational Reform’

I think there is a general consensus that our systems of education need improvement – whether it’s government, private or home school. There are multiple solutions for reaching this end of ‘educational reformation’, and each begins with more parental involvement. Although not the answer for every family, leadership education is one solution that can work […]

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riding a camel in dubai

Wisdom: Knowledge that has been tempered by experience

 Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information? –From T.S. Elliot’s The Rock I never claimed to have studied education reform. I’m just a parent of two high school aged children who, except for one year of around-the-world “road schooling,” have been in the public […]

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child coal mine workers

Education for today’s global economy

Our youth are uneducated and unprepared to face today’s global economy. The worklife that their parents and grandparents have thrived in is no longer valid – people don’t have one job, one career anymore. They might have a plethora of jobs, and/or no career. Or, a career that twists and morphs to adapt to this […]

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jails and schools

Schools & Jails: What’s the difference?

In our 22 months of full time rving we have passed thousands of schools.  We’ve also passed hundreds of jails, and I’m always struck by how similar they look. Have you noticed this too? Bland concrete walls, small windows, tall chain link fences. Both institutions reek of, well… Institution! The only main difference I can […]

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‘Learning’ is the New Paradigm of Education

If we give kids  the foundation to dream, they will figure out the grammar and the history the minute it helps them to reach their goals and make a difference.  ~Seth Godin from ‘Stop Stealing Dreams’ I am an unschooling parent. There is no doubt our approach to education falls on the outside of the […]

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Linda And Adam

Thinking out loud, Outside the box

The most remarkable thing about the technique of thinking out loud is that every parent can do it every day while going about the business of life with her child(ren). Thinking out loud is yet another interesting, fun non-time-consuming way for children to learn, no complicated educational formula necessary. At the very same time you […]

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Is our education system built on miracle teachers?

All of my life I’ve maintained an interest in public policy and I’ve been no stranger to strong opinions.  Taxes, healthcare, energy, foreign policy.  If you want an opinion I’ve got one for you.  Yet there’s been one area of public policy that I’ve had very little interest in: education.  Until now. Lately, I find […]

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cooperative learning

Imagine Something Better Than School

On Community learning and a world without school                 Imagine what it could be, what it should be, what is will be… Imagine a life that is not prescribed, predetermined or prearranged in any way.  This means a child will not automatically be bused away from his parents, at the tender age of four years […]

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whole group

Let’s quit arguing about what’s wrong with schools and man-up as parents

Education is a particular passion of mine. I’m the third generation of professional educators in my family, so perhaps it runs in my blood. I have four kids, aged 9-15. We’ve homeschooled them from birth. We also travel a bit. Over the past ten years I’ve worked as an educational consultant and curriculum designer within […]

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daryl with monks

Yes, my kids are homeschooled. Yes, they are “socialized.”

(Excuse me while I climb on my soapbox for a minute) It’s the dreaded “S” word that all homeschoolers deal with – socialization. “How do you deal with the socialization of your children?” they ask sweetly and innocently. Because, as everybody knows, homeschooled kids are social misfits. Homeschooled kids are locked away at home and […]

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Learning from the world

How do I document high school for homeschoolers?

*BINGO* I got it! Today – after agonizing over this for ages – I finally figured out this homeschool stuff. YAY for me! All along I figured I had a whole year to figure out what we were going to do for high school for the boys – they are just entering into Grade 8 […]

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What we learned in three years on the road

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about our journey from Alaska to Argentina. I’ve thought about the many, many hours we spent on the road.  I’ve thought about all the experiences we had, the people we met, the lessons we learned.  We learned a lot on this journey of ours. We learned plenty of […]

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