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cycling the Alaska Highway

History of the Alaska Highway

One very important segment of the Pan-American Highway is the Alaska Highway. The Alaska Highway was constructed during World War II and connects the Continental US with Alaska. It starts in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, and extends 1422 miles until it ends in Delta Junction, Alaska. Prior to World War II there was no land […]

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Mules at Panama Canal

History of the Panama Canal & how the locks work

Ships move into the canal with the help of tugboats to prevent the wind and currents from blowing them off course History of the Panama Canal by Davy Vogel The Panama Canal is a connection between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Ships can cut through the canal rather than going all the way around South […]

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A brief history of the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands were formed millions of years ago. They are situated over a hot spot in the earth and, over millions of years, layer upon layer of lava built up to form the islands. Throughout the millennia, animals and plants arrived in the islands – transported by air or water – and began to […]

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