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Our ongoing health care saga and the Affordable Care Act

One of the unintentional running themes in my blog has ended up being health care. In Albuquerque, John and Daryl were hit by a car.  John refused to go to the hospital for treatment because of the cost. In Nicaragua, John sprained his thumb and needed to get it x-rayed to see if it was […]

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on crutches

Are concerns of medical care holding you back from traveling? Think again!

Are rumors of horrible medical care abroad holding you back from heading out as a family and roadschooling your children?  Take heart – most of those rumors are unfounded. A while ago I read 5 Myths About Health Care Around the World by T. R. Reid and started thinking about our experiences with health care in […]

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What is Freedom?

Freedom America. The 4th of July. Hot dogs. Apple pie. Rugged individualism and hardy cowboys. Freedom That’s why our forefathers came to America, isn’t it? Freedom to live life the way they chose? To be free from tyranny? To live the American Dream? To be free? As I traveled around our country this past month, […]

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…and they say the USA has the best medical system in the world?

My husband’s sick. It’s Sunday evening and clinics are closed and we should probably head out to the ER, but we’re still at home because we’re living in the United States of America and we don’t have health insurance. We’re having to make decisions based on knowledge we don’t have. Can we afford to wait? […]

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health insurance

Health insurance options (or lack thereof)

Seeing as how this topic is bound to come up again in this blog – and maybe end up becoming a major theme (although I hope not) – I figured I’d start it now… We’re looking for health insurance. In the USA. And it’s not looking great. Before we left for our adventures we were […]

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Camping in Quebrada de los Conchos

Life lessons from a health emergency on the road

a.m.  I am soooo glad I decided to come into the hospital last night rather than wait until today.  Even in the midst of chaos in the emergency room, I slept so much better than I would have in the tent.  The drugs they’ve given me are a godsend. I’m still in the emergency room […]

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Acceptable Level of Risk

I was chatting on Facebook the other day with a fellow traveler, Jeanne Dee.  She made a comment that left me speechless, horrified, and quaking in my boots.  Her daughter has not been immunized.  Against anything. Ever. “People get sick because their immune system is weak,” she told me.  “My daughter is very healthy.” Now […]

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What We Do When We Are Sick

I’ve had a number of people ask me lately what we do when we are sick on the trip. That’s a hard question to answer.  There were many times on our year-long journey around the USA and Mexico when we faced illness or injury, and there is no doubt we will face it many more […]

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