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The currency of life

This post was written by the writer of the (now defunct) site, Perrys’ in Wonderland. I first read it back in 2008 and it has stayed with me ever since. Throughout the years, I have often gone back to reread these words and remind myself how important it is that we choose wisely. We only […]

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money bags

How to afford an extended journey

One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “How could you afford an extended journey like yours? How much did it cost? How much would I have to save to travel long-term?” That is a hard question to answer. Trying to say how much an extended journey costs is a bit like trying to […]

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31 Days to a Dream: Change your mindset

The mind is one of the most complex characteristic of human beings. It is the element that enables thinking, perception, reasoning, judgment and human consciousness. Your mindset is influenced by culture, environment, religion, and the many aspects of life. Throughout your life, you’ve developed certain ways of thinking. You’ve managed to wrap your mind around […]

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committment leads to action action brings your dream closer

31 Days to a Dream: Go public with your idea

When it comes to making your dream happen and living your life the way you want it to be, one of the most important steps you can take is to go public with your idea. What exactly does that mean? It means telling others what your dream is. Letting the cat out of the bag, […]

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stuck in a rut

31 Days to a Dream: Break out of the rut

You’re in a rut. And you can’t quite figure out how to get out. It happens to us all. I’m convinced it’s the natural path of humankind. Life settles into a comfortable routine and, before we know it, we’re in the rut. On the hamster wheel. Spinning fast but getting nowhere. You CAN break out […]

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31 Days to a Dream: Believe in your Dream

You know that dream you’ve been tossing around in your head? Do you believe in it? I mean – DO YOU BELIEVE IN IT? Can you  say with 100% certainty that this dream – this goal you’ve got – is something you want to commit yourself to? Really commit yourself to? I can tell you […]

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think big dream big

31 Days to a Dream: Define your Dream

What is your dream? Do you know? Is it some nebulous cloud of ideas floating around somewhere out there, foggy, undefined? Or do you know exactly what it is that you hope to do? You’ve spent hours thinking about it, defining  and refining it until you know exactly what your dream looks like? It is […]

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Can we all really follow our dreams?

I logged on to Facebook this morning and found this status by a friend: Some other friends responded back with it being the power of positive thinking and how it’s worth it in the end to follow your dream. Hanna came back with this: And she’s absolutely right. If every single one of us chucked […]

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Now's the time

8 Steps to live your dream

Today’s guest post come from Slavko Desik, who blogs at Lifestyle Updated. Having the ability, or dare I say freedom, to fully enjoy our life based on the link between what we dream for and what we do is, I believe, the ultimate currency. More often than not this is just a mere wish, probably […]

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Travel is good for kids – except when it isn’t

Travel is good for kids. It allows kids to see that not everyone lives just like them. It allows them to see that we’re more alike than different. Travel allows our children to stretch their horizons and learn new things. Travel is good for kids. Except when it isn’t. If you’ve read my blog, you’ll […]

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Whose dream are we chasing?

It’s hard to find a balance in a family. Where does one person’s wants or needs end and another’s begin? How much should we, as parents, revolve our lives around our children’s desires and when should we pursue our own passions? There are no easy answers, for sure. My friend, Melissa Banigan, who blogs at […]

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Making Dreams Come True is Actually Quite Easy

Today’s post features Guest Blogger Ben Reed from adventureswithben.com. ***** I’m writing today to tell you that achieving your dreams is easy. It’s not rocket science. I’m sure you’re familiar with the Family on Bikes story. The Vogel’s trip from Alaska to Argentina by bike is certainly extraordinary. And if you’re like many readers of […]

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bike touring argentina

To achieve great things you must be willing to hate it and keep going anyway

To achieve great things you must be willing to hate it and keep going anyway That doesn’t make sense, does it? Why would you keep going when you hated it? It’s kinda like beating a dead horse, eh? It might not make sense, but I know for a fact that you’ve got to be prepared […]

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eating an elephant

Eating an elephant

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you clean up a barn that looks like this? Exactly the same, or so I’m telling myself. This, if you ask me, is certainly one big huge hairy audacious goal. I’m feeling more than a little overwhelmed by the thought of somehow […]

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some people make it happen

Are you steering toward yesterday’s dreams?

You’ve been steering your ship toward your dream for ages. It’s hard work, but you’re determined to make it happen. The dream is too important to abandon; you’ve dedicated years of your life to making it come true. I applaud you for your dedication! It is hard work to make a dream come true. It […]

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dreams: a story

Written and illustrated by Kelly Wilson Once upon a time, there was a woman who lived on a boat named “Dreams.”  This beautiful boat had taken her to many different lands during her life:  School, Marriage and Children.  These were all wonderful destinations that she had visited and found happiness in, just as many others had.  […]

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