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cycling the Dalton Highway

7 tips to prepare your child for a bike tour

1) Ride a lot. Log as many saddle hours as possible to get your child used to being on the bike. One of the worst parts of a bike tour are the first couple weeks when your bum is getting used to being perched on a saddle all day. Logging plenty of hours beforehand eliminates […]

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Entering Oregon on bike tour

49 Tips for a long distance family bike ride

Never doubt your child Don’t doubt your child – even for one nanosecond Remember that kids are capable of a lot more than you think Make distances kid-friendly Keep kids in the loop Eat frequently Make sure bike and clothes fit properly Keep snacks in cut-off water bottle on handlebar Make list of daily chores […]

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biking in snow

Kids on bikes? Yes, they can!

Many people dream of taking off with their children to travel the world.  Their dreams are filled with days of visiting the Egyptian pyramids or the Taj Majal.  They will travel on buses and planes and boats…  But traveling the world on bicycle?  With kids?  Why?  I have now cycled about 27,000 miles with my […]

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tandem with trail-a-bike

How to get kids touring on bicycle

If you are wanting to get out on your bike with your children, you have quite a few options available to help you do that. Choose what works for your family! Small children will need to be attached to your bike in some manner. Your options are: trailer trailer bike tandem coupling to attach your […]

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family bike touring

How dangerous is family bike touring?

I’m never quite sure how to respond to the whole “danger” issue of bike touring. Although the vast majority of people understand that traveling on bike is not inherently any more dangerous than biking to school in your own city, not everyone sees that.  Biking is one of those activities that appears outrageously dangerous to […]

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Cycling on a foggy morning

Risk assessment – A personal decision

I love it when people challenge my thoughts and ideas. Each time they do I learn something new and am challenged to think about the world and my actions in a different light. One man responded to a blog post I had written about cycling to the ends of the world. “I just don’t see […]

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family with triple

Why I cycled to the ends of the world

I get asked a lot of questions when people find out I rode my bike from Alaska to Argentina.  How did it happen?  How is it that a 50-year-old wife, mother, and schoolteacher ended up cycling to the ends of the earth? Indeed, why did I – mom, wife, schoolteacher, ordinary woman complete with an […]

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