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Lloyds Watermark

Making the decision to live a life less ordinary

You’ve probably heard this before, but while the trip itself is fascinating, it’s also the decision to do the trip that blows a lot of people’s minds, or creates the feeling of “Wow, I wish I could do that — make that decision.” We’re all so tied to the pillars of our everyday life — […]

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ladder in ivy

Living the dream: The magic is in the doing

“Where do I even start?” I thought as I stood before our brand new cottage. We had made the decision to take it the evening before and, as I stood there in the bright daylight and all the cottage’s faults glared at me like a massive sore thumb in the wilderness, I was overwhelmed. More […]

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The regret test: A strategy for decision-making

It all started with a simple email “Sadly, Ginny and Allen have decided that they want to get rid of their cottage.  It needs a total renovation. It would be awesome if you would want to take that on!” John’s elderly aunt and uncle had decided it was time to give up their cottage on […]

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attitude changes everything

Seven months on – and still living (more or less) simply

Seven months. In some ways it seems like it’s been seven years since we arrived back in the USA; in other ways seven days. Tomorrow, on our seven month anniversary of arriving in our home country, we’ll be moving into our house. We’ve been working frantically trying to get the house ready, but it’s not […]

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