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That slow motion bicycle crash your child just had? It might be worse than you think.

A few weeks ago I received an email from Dave and Judith, briefly recounting their son’s experience with what appeared to be a minor bicycle accident but turned out to be a bigger deal. I was stunned; for many years I thought we were alone in what happened to Davy. When our sons were 7, […]

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covered wagon

Families travel to give children a better education

Children are born to learn. Their brains are designed to make sense of the wonders in the world around them. When they climb trees and see cocoons or birds’ nests they learn. When they dig in the mud and play with earthworms, they learn. When they discover the delicate structure that used to be a […]

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klondike paddle boat in Whitehorse, Yukon

Roadschool: travel + homeschool

More and more people around the world are combining traveling and homeschooling – and calling it roadschooling. It took many years before the idea of homeschooling had become a viable option to public schools, but now that it has reached the point where people are comfortable with it they are looking for new and creative […]

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cycling the Dalton Highway

7 tips to prepare your child for a bike tour

1) Ride a lot. Log as many saddle hours as possible to get your child used to being on the bike. One of the worst parts of a bike tour are the first couple weeks when your bum is getting used to being perched on a saddle all day. Logging plenty of hours beforehand eliminates […]

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Entering Oregon on bike tour

49 Tips for a long distance family bike ride

Never doubt your child Don’t doubt your child – even for one nanosecond Remember that kids are capable of a lot more than you think Make distances kid-friendly Keep kids in the loop Eat frequently Make sure bike and clothes fit properly Keep snacks in cut-off water bottle on handlebar Make list of daily chores […]

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biking in snow

Kids on bikes? Yes, they can!

Many people dream of taking off with their children to travel the world.  Their dreams are filled with days of visiting the Egyptian pyramids or the Taj Majal.  They will travel on buses and planes and boats…  But traveling the world on bicycle?  With kids?  Why?  I have now cycled about 27,000 miles with my […]

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tandem with trail-a-bike

How to get kids touring on bicycle

If you are wanting to get out on your bike with your children, you have quite a few options available to help you do that. Choose what works for your family! Small children will need to be attached to your bike in some manner. Your options are: trailer trailer bike tandem coupling to attach your […]

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pushing bike against headwind

8 Reasons why biking with kids is good for them and you

Travel is the best education a child can get. I’ve been a classroom teacher for 21 years and, although we do the best we can in the classroom, we are limited by those four walls around us. By getting out and seeing the world first hand, children will have a much deeper understanding of the […]

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kid in bubble wrap

Helicopter Parenting: What are we teaching kids?

No parent wants their child to get hurt. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare to hear the wail of their child who has fallen and hurt himself, and even worse yet if there is no wail. We go to great lengths to protect our offspring from injuring themselves, but have we gone too far? Parents are […]

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cooperative learning

Imagine Something Better Than School

On Community learning and a world without school                 Imagine what it could be, what it should be, what is will be… Imagine a life that is not prescribed, predetermined or prearranged in any way.  This means a child will not automatically be bused away from his parents, at the tender age of four years […]

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Classroom from 1850s

Why the School System Isn’t Educating Your Children (And What to Do About It)

The Industrial Age changed the world forever. Today, we’re surrounded by the effects of it, which to us seem ‘normal’ and permanent. But the world wasn’t always like it is now. In only a few generations, the world has moved from an agrarian, disconnected society, to a corporatized, centralized world community. Because of the Industrial […]

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French fries and chicken nuggets are travel essentials: The world’s worst family travel advice ever

Do not attempt to travel to a place where there isn’t kid-friendly food. This seemingly small detail is essential for a successful holiday with young children. French fries, nuggets, pizza and the like will save your holiday. If you’re like me, your jaw is hanging down around the floor right about now. Surely, this outrageously […]

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If sailing around the world doesn’t count as education, what does?

Dear Dutch Government Officials, I just read that Laura Dekker is set to finish her solo circumnavigation of the world soon and is considering not returning to her native Holland because of you. I can’t even tell you how sad that makes me feel. When Laura announced her intentions to sail around the world at […]

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Twenty Miles per Cookie: 9000 Miles of Kid-Powered Adventures

Introducing… Twenty Miles per Cookie: 9000 Miles of Kid-Powered Adventures

It was a year of adventure, a year of fun. A year of good time and bad, of highs and lows, of good weather and bad. But mostly, it was a year of magic – together as a family. “The Vogel’s story is remarkable because they actually did it.” – Clark Vandeveter “It seems that […]

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hiking boots

What’s next for Family on Bikes?

John and I have always had the parenting philosophy that our job is to expose our children to as many varied experiences as we can. I think we’ve done a pretty good job of that. 1998/99 – lived in Ethiopia | traveled in Egypt & USA 1999/00 – lived in Ethiopia | traveled in Zanzibar, […]

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justin featured

Why I Choose Travel For My Kids

You know how every once in a while you find a blog that is just plain ol’ refreshingly different? Honest. To the point. Relevant. Awesome. That’s exactly how I felt when I found Justin Mussler’s blog, The Great Family Escape. Justin and his wife, Heidi, are planning to take off with their children to explore […]

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