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Please don’t accept the status quo. We can do better.

I am seriously shaking my head over this one. I try hard to understand where people are coming from, but in this case, I just can’t. 90% of cyclists in his community are eventually hit by cars, and he thinks that’s acceptable?   After his mother was seriously injured while riding her bike, Matthew Cutrone […]

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Bicycling and hiking in Taiwan

Taiwan is a unique landmass formed about six million years ago when the Filipino and Asian plates began colliding with each other.  The central mountain range formed from the Asian plate while the coastal mountains which run along the eastern seaboard formed from the Filipino plate.  Between them is a valley where the best rice […]

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Changing Gears cover

Changing Gears: A Preview

Changing Gears A Family Odyssey to the End of the World by Nancy Sathre-Vogel CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!!  Prologue When Bears Don’t Read the Guide Books “Go, Davy, go!” I screamed in terror.  “He’s chasing you!  Pedal fast!” Only moments ago, the 400 pound black bear had been standing a mere four feet from my […]

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A 400-mile detour in Bolivia – on bikes

==This post is an excerpt from my upcoming book, Changing Gears: A Family Odyssey to the End of the World. While we are hiking the Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango this summer, I’ll post an excerpt every Monday.== “This looks like home,” I thought as I pedaled through the altiplano. The desert of southern […]

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Bike Safety in Groups

One of the considerations we had to think about as we cycled the Americas was the sheer size of our group. There is a different set of factors cyclists need to take into consideration when sharing a ride with other cyclists rather than riding solo. Here are some tips from our sponsors. Bicycling is always […]

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A bicycling kind of love story

“What on God’s green earth am I doing here?” I thought as I gazed upon the pile of bikes, panniers, and miscellaneous gear strewn about the floor of the Pakistani airport – and at the strange man putting it all together. “How in the heck did I go this far over the deep end?” Let […]

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