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cycling the dalton highway

What to look for in a touring bike

Thinking about heading out for a bike tour? Here are our thoughts on what to look for in a touring bike. Depending on where you are going, you may or may not need a really good bike. For a one or two week trip, use whatever bike you have. It may not shift perfectly, it […]

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cycling the Dalton Highway

Being our own example

==This post is an excerpt from my upcoming book, Changing Gears: A Family Odyssey to the End of the World.== “You’re crazy,” one of my high school students told me one day. “I call you my crazy teacher.” “Why’s that?” I asked. “Because nobody actually does what you’re doing!” she replied. “I mean – people […]

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20 miles

Presale on now! Twenty Miles per Cookie: 9000 Miles of Kid-Powered Adventures

YAY!!! It’s happening! Twenty Miles per Cookie: 9000 Miles of Kid-Powered Adventures will be available soon! This is the journey that started it all. When the boys were in third grade (2006/07) we took a “one year career break” to cycle around the USA and Mexico. It’s now five years later, and our career break […]

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Bike touring: Do you really need waterproof panniers?

I’ve heard from cycle tourists the world over and many feel that waterproof panniers (saddle bags for a bicycle) are essential. I feel that maybe those cyclists are simply on a bandwagon that may be better left alone. It seems I’m the lone voice of dissent – I don’t like Ortliebs waterproof panniers. I don’t […]

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Bicycle Touring with Children: A Guide to Getting Started

Bicycle Touring with Children: A Guide to Getting Started

Bicycle Touring with Children: A Guide to Getting Started is now ready to go. So what’s in this book, you ask? I’m glad you asked! The book is chock full of all kinds of tips and tidbits of wisdom we’ve learned in our four years of traveling on bikes with our children. You’ll learn about: […]

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what thinking

What Were We Thinking? Bicycling the Back Roads of Asia

Before there was a family on bikes, two strangers teamed up for a once-in-a-lifetime journey that left them both changed forever. What Were We Thinking? tells the tale of John and me coming together as strangers in a strange land. We spent an entire year exploring little-known roads of Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh – […]

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A world cycling dad

What does a world cycling dad look like?

Here’s what other traveling parents look like! Edventure Project Drew Gilbert Almost Fearless Travels with a Nine-Year-Old Our travel lifestyle Wandermom Snaps and Blabs Livin on the Road Raising Miro on the road of life  

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Five essential/useless items for travelers

Every traveler has them – those items they’d never be caught dead without. And, mostly likely, another traveler would consider those very things useless. It’s an interesting thing, this travel idea. With that in mind, a bunch of us family travel bloggers are all posting today with our lists of essential/useless items. I can’t wait […]

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Davy getting his bike

26″ vs 700c wheels for a touring bike: The definitive answer

The other day, a group of friends was sitting around talking about mistakes we’ve made over the years.  My first reaction was that we didn’t make any mistakes – uh uh – not us! But that may not be entirely true… Maybe we did make a mistake or two at random points along the line… […]

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Tips for bike touring safely

“Isn’t it dangerous?”  We hear those words all the time and, frankly, I’m always a bit confused when I hear them.  Dangerous in what way?  What should we be afraid of? Yes, what we are doing is dangerous.  We could be hit by a car, bitten by rattlesnakes, die of food poisoning, or slip in […]

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