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bob trailer

Everything I know about sponsorship for adventurers

Throughout the years, I’ve gotten quite a few requests for information about sponsorship for adventurers. How does one go about lining them up? What’s realistic? In this post, I’ll tell you everything I know about sponsorships – I hope this helps. Overall, I would say there are five main truths one needs to be aware […]

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If sailing around the world doesn’t count as education, what does?

Dear Dutch Government Officials, I just read that Laura Dekker is set to finish her solo circumnavigation of the world soon and is considering not returning to her native Holland because of you. I can’t even tell you how sad that makes me feel. When Laura announced her intentions to sail around the world at […]

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Twenty Miles per Cookie: 9000 Miles of Kid-Powered Adventures

Introducing… Twenty Miles per Cookie: 9000 Miles of Kid-Powered Adventures

It was a year of adventure, a year of fun. A year of good time and bad, of highs and lows, of good weather and bad. But mostly, it was a year of magic – together as a family. “The Vogel’s story is remarkable because they actually did it.” – Clark Vandeveter “It seems that […]

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watch me note

How I changed motherhood

Once upon a time I thought my adventuring days were over the moment Mr. Sperm met Ms. Egg. How wrong I was… Adventure is a funny thing. The dictionary defines the word as “a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome,” – certainly not something one would do with kids. Yes – with […]

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Our new (old) house

Embarking on a brand new adventure

I feel like I’m lost – I’m standing there looking at the pile of rubbish scattered around my feet and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it. This home improvement learning curve is steep. Now I know what others feel like when they are just starting out on a bike tour. We […]

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Top Family Travel Blog

I know there is no way we’ll ever beat out the top dogs here, but I’d really like to at least make a decent showing as one of the best family travel blogs.  Would you mind going over there and clicking on Family on Bikes? You don’t have to register or anything – just click! […]

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Flat tire blues

Bike Touring Tips

So – you say you want to go bike touring? I say go for it. And figured I’d give you a bit of unsolicited advice while I’m at it. Expect the following: You’ll be terrified of the unknown At some point – and maybe all points – on your tour, you’ll be miserable It won’t […]

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Strangers in our own country

Strangers in our own country

“I want to take off on the bikes again,” Davy said as he climbed into the car after school this afternoon.  “I miss the bikes.”  ((sigh)) It’s been five weeks since we arrived in Boise – about the longest period of time we’ve stayed anywhere for the past three years. Our bodies and minds are […]

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Cycling on a foggy morning

Risk assessment – A personal decision

I love it when people challenge my thoughts and ideas. Each time they do I learn something new and am challenged to think about the world and my actions in a different light. One man responded to a blog post I had written about cycling to the ends of the world. “I just don’t see […]

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Drummers at Chinese New Year celebration

Getting lost ain’t necessarily a bad thing

I was thinking about getting lost today.  No – I wasn’t actually thinking of going out and getting lost, but I was contemplating the concept of getting lost.  We use that word in so many ways – my students are frequently lost in La-La Land, Daryl got lost in a campground a couple years ago […]

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Davy getting his bike

26″ vs 700c wheels for a touring bike: The definitive answer

The other day, a group of friends was sitting around talking about mistakes we’ve made over the years.  My first reaction was that we didn’t make any mistakes – uh uh – not us! But that may not be entirely true… Maybe we did make a mistake or two at random points along the line… […]

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Meeting the Freisens

Isn’t bike touring dangerous?

“I was driving down the road the other day and saw some cyclists ahead.  I braked and waited until I could get by safely, but I’m concerned about them – the other motorists who won’t do that.” “I saw a cyclist riding through my town last week, so I invited him over to my house […]

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Tips for bike touring safely

“Isn’t it dangerous?”  We hear those words all the time and, frankly, I’m always a bit confused when I hear them.  Dangerous in what way?  What should we be afraid of? Yes, what we are doing is dangerous.  We could be hit by a car, bitten by rattlesnakes, die of food poisoning, or slip in […]

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welcome to costa rica

Dear Jack Marshall, are we self-absorbed parents?

Dear Mr. Jack Marshall, For a variety of reasons I’ve chosen to remain silent for a while about your scathing opinion piece about us. Now, I have decided to respond publicly to your preposterous allegations and accusations. You state that John and I are “self-absorbed parents who are unwilling to make the necessary lifestyle sacrifices […]

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Daryl enjoying nature during a break

Why I like bike touring

“Bus travel is boring, Mom,” Davy told me. “If we could take the bikes up in the mountains I would love to go. But not if I have to go in a bus.” I think I’m doing something wrong here. Or maybe it’s something right? We had been house sitting in Quito for a couple […]

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Life Doesn’t Come With a Money-Back Guarantee

“Aren’t you scared?” a friend asked me the other day.  “Aren’t you afraid something might happen on your trip?” “Of course,” I replied.  “I’m afraid every day of my life.  I’m afraid I’ll fall down the stairs in the morning.  I’m afraid my boys’ bus driver will fall asleep at the wheel.  I’m afraid we […]

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