Hiking with dogs

I love to take my dogs places where they can run free and sniff to their heart’s desire.  Whether its day hiking, car camping, or backpacking I try to get them (and me) out as much as possible.  I do detailed research on places to bring dogs but I’ve found the information woefully inadequate.  Much of it is outdated, limited, or just plain wrong.  Most of the time I learn by trial and error;  I go to a place and see what happens.  Instead of keeping all this information in my filing cabinet, I decided to share the best places I found to bring dogs.  I limit these places to a 200-mile radius from Boise and exclude the common nearby places such as the Greenbelt and foothills.

Special considerations must be taken into account when choosing a location.  Is it too hot or cold, are there enough water sources, will rattlesnakes be a problem, are dogs required to be on a leash or altogether prohibited from the area, will the terrain cut up the dog’s paws are just a few question that must be answered.  Here is the result of the experiences I’ve had and some tips which might aid you on your next hiking with dogs adventure.

Frank Church Wildness – My two sons, two dogs, and I did a 5-day, 50-mile backpacking adventure in this wilderness area.

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