Health issues on the road

healthI’ve written about many different aspects of health – staying healthy, dealing with illness, and what kinds of insurance we use while traveling. I hope these posts help you plan your own journey!

Acceptable level of risk – we all have our own thresholds for what we consider an acceptable risk. There is no right or wrong, just different shades of gray.

Lessons from a health emergency on the road – As I sat in the hospital in Argentina, I thought about some of the lessons I might learn from that experience.

Health insurance options (or lack thereof) – A walk through the health insurance craziness upon our return to the USA.

An up close and personal look at the American medical system – John ended up in the ER with appendicitis, so we navigated the American medical system for the very first time.

Maintaining Our Health – Staying healthy is our number one concern. This is how we do it.

Health Insurance – Health insurance for the traveler is a must. There are lots of options out there, but this is what we did.

Are Concerns About Health Care Preventing You From Traveling? – You may be surprised to discover that health care around the world is pretty good – and much more accessible than in the USA.

A medical evacuation story – and why you should never travel without medical evacuation insurance – The whole story about John’s evacuation from Ethiopia to Israel. Moral of the story? Never travel without evac insurance.

Solo travel and illness: Not a match made in heaven – What about solo travelers? They get sick here and there as well. Here’s what to do.

Travel disaster: Injured foot in Vietnam – It happens to us all. Sooner or later, you will get injured. Here’s the story of the time I messed up my foot in Vietnam.

Lessons learned from traveling with a disability – This is a post written by a friend of mine who has chosen not to let her disability stop her, but has learned how to listen to her body.

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