Trip Planning Resources

bicycling with children

There are a few special considerations for bike touring with children. Click here for all you’ll need to know.




bike touring tips

Want to head out for a bike tour? Click here for some things to consider.




making the decision

I often say that making the decision to take our long family journey was the hardest part of the whole thing. Here are some thoughts on how/why to make that decision.





It’s the financial aspect of our journey that leaves many people scratching their head. Here is info on not only how *we* made it happen, but lots of info on how others have as well.





Worried that your children’s education with suffer? Both John and I are long-time school teachers with extensive knowledge about how kids learn. You’ll find tons of info here to help you plan.





All aspects of health are covered here – how to stay healthy while travel, what to do when you do get sick or injured, and what kinds of insurance you’ll need.




gear and equipment for bike touring

Here are plenty of articles about all kinds of gear that we used on our journey.




food for bike touring

What did we carry in those panniers to keep us fed? Here’s the lowdown on what we ate, plus how we carried it all.

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