The view of Israel from atop Mt. Nebo

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 13 – Mount Nebo to Oyoun al-Theeb (6 miles)

Had a great night in the hotel, slept in, and visited Mount Nebo. “Go up on to Mount Nebo in Moab, across from Jericho, and view Canaan, the land I am giving the Israelites as their own possession. There on the mountain that you have climbed you will die.” Deuteronomy 32:49-50 Mount Nebo is where […]

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Jordan shepherd

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 12 – Iraq al-Amir to Mount Nebo  (17 miles)

Wow, what an exhilarating day! I was determined to make it to Mount Nebo and then find some sort of transportation into the city of Madagascar 10 km down the road. It started out great. For the first several miles there was gentle downhill mostly on dirt tracks. I made great time. But then I […]

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sheep in Jordan

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 11 – Fuheis to Iraq al-Amir (11 miles)

Even though it was cloudy and sprinkled throughout the day, I had a nice, relaxing walk. It was the same old up and down steep hills following tracks and country roads. Along with the usual olive groves, there were some lemon groves stuck in.  I was amazed at how many lemons grew on one tree. […]

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Amman Jordan

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 10 – Rest day in Amman

I spent a relaxing day in Amman. I attended a Jordan Trail Association meeting where I met a lot of people connected to the trail. I think I finally got my phone fixed. I went all the way across town to the service provider so I could talk with someone who spoke very good English. […]

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Jordan Trail

Hiking the Jordan Trail – Day 9: Rmeimeem to Fuheis (9 miles)

Another day of uneventful hiking on the Jordan Trail, the usual ups and downs.  It was cold and windy with off-and-on rain all day long. I made it to the Christian city of Fuheis, which was so close to Amman I decided to go there and get my phone fixed, pick up a missing GPS […]

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My campsite overlooking the lake behind King Talal Dam.

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 8 – King Talal Dam to Rmeimeem (9 miles)

I had a restful night perched on a hill overlooking the large lake behind the King Talal Dam. I had an awesome view and enjoyed watching the sun set behind the mountains. Hiking is getting – how can I say it? – repetitive. More ups and downs, green hillsides, and – surprise, surprise – more […]

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Jordanian shopkeeper

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 7 – Khirbet al-Souq to King Talal Dam (7 miles)

Today was a very short, very easy day. After 10 hours in the tent, I had to get out. First light was around 5 a.m. so I got an early start. Even with walking slowly through the Jordanian countryside and taking a long break in Burma, I arrived at my destination by 1:30 p.m. I was tempted to go […]

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olive grove Jordan

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 6: Ajloun to Khirbet al-Souq (10 miles)

“Be ready in 15 minutes, we’re ready to go!” I was in the middle of a peaceful breakfast seated at the hotel overlooking the valley in Ajloun when Amjad called me on the phone. “Where are we going?” I answered. “We’re going to hike together for the first half of this segment,” Amjad answered. Yesterday in […]

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view from Mar Elias

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 5 – Mar Elias

The sun was out in full force when I left the homestay this morning. It was quite cool so I was bundled up in my sweater. With my fully loaded bright blue backpack atop my shoulders I started the several kilometer trek to the city’s edge. Many people were outside on the patios or sitting […]

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Jordan Trail through olive field

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 4 – Jordanian hospitality

Another beautiful day in the countryside; too sunny in fact, and I got a little sunburned. Tomorrow, I’ll put on some sunscreen. Jordan is well known for its hospitality, and so far on this trip it’s a very well deserved reputation. If I stopped with everyone who invited me to have tea with them I’d never get […]

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Ruins of a Byzantine church

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 3 – Byzantine church and Jesus Cave

Today was another beautiful day walking through small villages and wandering around the beautiful hillsides of Jordan. It’s green and full of colorful flowers – purple lupines, red poppies, black and white irises, yellow buttercups, and lots of small purple flowers. The sun was out with a cool, gentle breeze – who could ask for […]

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Roman ruins of Pella

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 2 – Ziglab to Pella (8 miles)

I didn’t go very far today but each step was excruciatingly painful because of the severe chafing. I’m going to take tomorrow off because of it, but I don’t think it will do much good. I need at least a week off. I’m not sure what I will do. The highlight today was meeting five […]

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Um Qais

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 1 – Um Qais to Ziglab (16 miles)

I am thoroughly exhausted and I’ve only come 16 miles. Normally this would be easy, a piece of cake – but this was hard. The trail itself wasn’t so bad; the slow pace was for other reasons. For starters, it rained a lot today which in and of itself wasn’t a big deal. What made […]

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Um Qais church

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Um Qais at the trailhead

  I stood atop the hills overlooking the Jordan Valley mesmerized by their sheer expanse. It was a very hazy day and, although the Sea of Galilee was almost directly below me, I could just barely see it. The Golden Heights dominated the hills on the opposite side of the Jordan Valley. The hills of […]

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Jordan Trail map

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Ready to go

My phone doesn’t work on the Jordanian network, so I brought it to a shop to get unlocked and have a new Sim chip installed. After a day in the shop and a huge hassle reinstalling, configuring, and resyncing the apps, I think I got it back to the way it was. I went to the […]

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smoking shisha

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Arrival

I made it to Amman. Guess where the first place I headed to was? After I got my fill of shisha I headed over to the mobile phone shop. Unfortunately my cell phone will not work on the Jordanian Network so I have to have the phone unlocked. I’ll give them the phone tonight and […]

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