Time with the Kids

I got an email from Davy’s teacher yesterday – he has been failing his spelling tests lately.  Although I’m a bit upset about the fact that he’s been failing the tests, I’m more upset about the fact that I didn’t even know.  I can tell you specifically how my students are doing – Josh can […]

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Meeting Homeschoolers’ Needs

Wow!!  I just got off the phone with Naomi – a PR guru.  She is working with Mark McMahon of The Portable Professional, and has agreed to help us out.  She had a lot of great ideas, and now my head is spinning.   One the things she suggested that we hadn’t even considered was […]

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RSS Feeds Up and Running

John got the RSS feeds all set up today!!  He’s been working on getting a really spiffy drop-down menu set up and now it’s done.  I think he did a great job!  If you want to subscribe, it should be fairly easy.  Please let us know if it doesn’t work right… I missed my daily […]

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Dreaming of Life on the Road

I hate it when work gets in the way of life…  I’ve been so busy with work these past few days that I haven’t even had time to think about our journey.  No – that’s not true.  I think about it all the time.  When I’m sitting in meetings and we are going round and round […]

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Another Cycling Family Does the Pan-Am!

I found them!  A year ago we were cycling Baja and kept hearing reports of a family coming up behind us.  They were towing a three-year-old in a trailer with a big sign on the back – “Nino a Bordo!”  We followed their progress as they slowly crept up behind us (we were killing time, […]

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Dash in crate

The Dash-mobile Arrives

Dash loves his new home!  He stood there pawing the box as I opened it and as soon as I pulled the crate out of the box, he jumped in!  I think he will be very comfortable in the crate.  After we ordered the crate, we got a few more suggestions for portable homes so […]

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Boojum Trees

A Trip Down Memory Lane

It’s been a great stroll down Memory Lane.  I’ve been working on my book about our last journey today – been working on the Baja section.  It’s been fun reading through the journal and thinking back to all that happened while we were there.  Gosh – I’ve forgotten a lot!  I had totally forgotten about […]

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Seeking Sponsorship – YIKES!

They’re on their way.  I sent out a huge batch of letters asking for sponsorship today.  Hopefully at least a couple of those companies will come through.  This is all so unknown and scary to me – put me on a bike and have me pedal around the world and I’m fine.  Ask me seek […]

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The Beginnings of the Mountain

Well, we started.  Officially.  I bought a bunch of stuff to take with us and have officially started building the mountain of gear.  It’ll grow for the next six months, and then somehow the whole thing will get condensed down until it fits on three bikes.  How that will happen is anyone’s guess.   I […]

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The Triple Again?

I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking what bikes we will be riding on our upcoming journey, so I figured I would address that question here. We’ve decided to ditch the triple. Yes, it was a marvelous machine. It was perfect for the trip we did last year and our circumstances at that time. However, […]

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“Official” Announcement

It’s finally completely official!  We’ve been waiting to get some information from Reach the World before announcing on our website that we will be working with them.  This morning that information came.  I am so excited about moving forward with all of this.  We should have our website updated within a few hours – YIPPEE!! […]

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Embracing the Cold

This morning I was pedaling to work (I ride 7 ½ miles each way) and it was freezing cold.  It had snowed during the night and the roads were wet and icy.   As bundled up as I was, I found myself thinking, “I’ll be there soon.  I’ll get out of this muck soon.”  I think […]

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A Quest For the Perfect Dog Basket

I’ve been on a quest for the perfect dog basket lately.  I’ve searched Linens ‘N Things and Home Depot.  I’ve wandered every last aisle of Fred Meyer’s.  Yesterday I went to Cabela’s.  I just keep coming up empty-handed.  We need something that is strong and lightweight, and big enough for Dash to comfortably lie in and […]

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Excitement is Mounting

Holy cow!  I can’t believe we’re doing this.  For months now I thought we had a year and a half to get ready for our South American adventure, but last week we decided to leave in June 2008.  That gives us only a little over six months to prepare.  YIKES!!  All four of us are excited beyond […]

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