My Book is Done!!

It’s done.  We’ve arrived in Connecticut.  The fat lady sang, and now it’s over.  I’ve been working feverishly on my book for the past week and I’m proud to report that I now have an official rough draft.  I still have to rework and edit it, but at least I have a draft to work […]

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metal cowboy

More Touring Families

I just realized that I’ve written about touring families as I discover them, but that I haven’t written about all the families I’ve known about for a while!  The Feldmann’s crossed Canada on bikes a few years back.  Mom and Dad were joined by ten-year-old Tristan and twelve-year-old Stefan.  It took them 170 days to […]

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Happy New Year!!

I am so looking forward to 2008. 2007 was a great year, but I expect this coming year to be even better – how could it not be? I’ve been sorting through a bunch of writing from our last journey and found this letter I wrote my mom and thought I’d share it here. Dear […]

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What We Do When We Are Sick

I’ve had a number of people ask me lately what we do when we are sick on the trip. That’s a hard question to answer.  There were many times on our year-long journey around the USA and Mexico when we faced illness or injury, and there is no doubt we will face it many more […]

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Last Day of Winter Fun

Tomorrow we load up the car and head home.  We’ve had a blast here in Denver and none of us particularly wants to leave, but another storm is predicted next week and we want to slide home between them.  To take advantage of their last day of snow, the kids had a massive snowball fight […]

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Wintertime Fun

Davy is quite the snowboarder!!  We headed up into the mountains today for a day in the snow.  The kids had a lot of fun tubing down the hills for a while.  After a while, they decided sitting down was a bit too tame and they started standing up.  Davy managed to master it and […]

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Christian in Snow

A White Christmas

Hopefully, this will be our last white Christmas for a while… Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE the snow!  It was magical to wake up this morning to see huge white fluffy flakes drifting toward the ground.  And the kids had more fun than ever sledding with their cousins.  But next Christmas (and the […]

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A Dog’s Heaven

Dash is having a blast.  Jane and Barry have two dogs and Dash has been having more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  Lucy is a long-eared bassett hound, and Dash has discovered just how fun it is to sneak up and nip her floppy ears.  The two of them have been rolling around pretty […]

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Merry Christmas!!

We will be taking off in the morning for Denver, and I’m not sure how much internet access I’ll have for the next week or so.  Davy and Daryl are looking forward to spending the holiday with their cousins and I’m looking forward to having a beading buddy for a few days!!  Merry Christmas!

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Photo Gallery Up & Running

John got the photo gallery up!!  Click on the link on the top of this page to see it – there isn’t much there yet though (just a couple of photos of Dash the day we got him!).  Although we will be putting some photos here in the blog, there will be a lot of […]

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Fortunate Enough

I am reminded how fortunate I am these days.  For many of the students at my school, this is not a happy time of year.  I have a number of students who have little to celebrate, and a number of our staff members are hurting too.  I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by people […]

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Learning Spanish

John has officially begun the journey into another language.  Maybe.  He decided that he would like a Spanish program from Christmas, so I ordered the FSI program for him.  It arrived a couple weeks ago, but he never even took the plastic shrink wrap off.  He mentioned it many times, but somehow never managed to […]

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Yee-Haw Moments

One day back on our 2006-07 journey around the USA, we had barely arrived at a trading post in the middle of nowhere on the Navajo reservation when we were approached by a couple who had come from the Grand Canyon.  They had just come down the hill in a large, cushy tour bus; we […]

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Thanks for the Memories

John was writing up a Christmas letter last night and I wanted to share it here.  As we sat around talking about what to write, we kept coming back to the fact that the people we met were, without exception, wonderful, giving people.  I know we all hear about all the horrible people out there, but […]

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Rudy Project

Rudy Project – First Sponsors!!

We’ve got our first sponsor!  I got an email yesterday from Rudy Project that they would like to sponsor us with helmets and sunglasses.  Unfortunately, they don’t make kids’ items, so our boys will end up with inferior products, but John and I will be pedaling in style!   According their website, “Rudy Project designs and […]

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Dalton Highway

I’ve been researching the Dalton Highway from Pruhoe Bay, Alaska to Fairbanks.  I think I’m scared.  414 miles of just about nothing.  According to the BLM – “Along most of its length, you’ll see no restaurants, no gift shops, no service stations – just forest, tundra, and mountains from horizon to horizon, crossed by a […]

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