How can you afford a trip like this?

I’ve had a lot of people ask us how we can afford to travel like this, so I figured I would simply put this out here.  The simple answer is: we can’t.  We are just a couple of school teachers who don’t have a huge fortune saved up.  But  we also strongly believe in living […]

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A Sneak Preview of The Learning Corner

John’s been working non-stop on getting The Learning Corner up and running today.  Although it is still a long way from being finished, he’s got the basic page done – check it out!!  This corner of our website will satisfy the “teacher drive” within us – we’ll post photo essays about the things we are learning […]

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Not Your Typical Last Day of Semester

My head is swimming.  No – not like that.  That’s its normal state, silly.  Right now my head is whizzing around and my brain is running at about a million miles per hour and I’m thinking, “Holy mother of pearl!!  Is this for real?” Yesterday afternoon I checked my email one last time before leaving […]

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Portable Professional Interview

I just got off the phone with Mark McMahon from The Portable Professional.  It was fun to talk with him about all our adventures – and about living our dream.  He will be putting the interview up on his site in the next few days – I’ll post a link to it when I get […]

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More Thankful Than Ever

I’m just feeling so overwhelmingly thankful right now.  I go to school  and see all these kids with problems – I mean serious problems – and it just reinforces how right our decision is to go.  I’ve got one high school student who has been put up for adoption, and another who’s schizophrenic.  I just […]

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Initial Impressions of a Brooks

   It’s slippery.  My tush was slippin’ and slidin’ all over my brand spankin’ new saddle today.  But it sure is purty.  You know, I’ve somehow never considered a bicycle seat elegant before, but this Brooks…  well, it is!  It’s shiny and sleek and oh so smooth.  And they say they get better with age […]

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Now Is What You Choose

I came upon this writing by Ralph Marston today and thought it encapsulated our feelings perfectly.  Now is whatever we make of it – and we are choosing to make the most of it!  There was a time when you thought you could change the world. You were right, and you still are. There was a […]

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Bike Lights – A False Sense of Security

John finally got my bike put back together this morning.  I piled on a whole bunch of layers of clothing and headed out.  I’ve got this routine I go through every morning – I get my jacket on before I head out the door.  I put on my hat, neck gaitor, and helmet ( in […]

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Pipe Dreams and Hare-Brained Schemes

Now that I’ve finished the rough draft of my book, I’m going back through to edit it.  I haven’t even looked at the first few chapters of the book since last August – it’s been fun going back through and reading about that first month!  There were so many doubts and uncertainties, so much chaos and […]

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My boys with an ENORMOUS snowball!

Unheard of Snow

This is unheard of!  Here in Boise we NEVER get snow like this.  All day I kept gazing out my classroom window at the snow pouring down and simply shook my head in wonder.  As soon as I got home I found my boys (all three of them) outside in the back yard making enormous […]

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Sick of Flat Tires

I’m sick of these flat tires.  Just so tired of it all…  For some reason,I’ve been plagued with flat tires all fall, and we just can’t figure it out.  I rode to work the last day before Christmas break and my tire was fine.  When we got back from Denver, the tire was flat.  John […]

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My Book is Done!!

It’s done.  We’ve arrived in Connecticut.  The fat lady sang, and now it’s over.  I’ve been working feverishly on my book for the past week and I’m proud to report that I now have an official rough draft.  I still have to rework and edit it, but at least I have a draft to work […]

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metal cowboy

More Touring Families

I just realized that I’ve written about touring families as I discover them, but that I haven’t written about all the families I’ve known about for a while!  The Feldmann’s crossed Canada on bikes a few years back.  Mom and Dad were joined by ten-year-old Tristan and twelve-year-old Stefan.  It took them 170 days to […]

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Happy New Year!!

I am so looking forward to 2008. 2007 was a great year, but I expect this coming year to be even better – how could it not be? I’ve been sorting through a bunch of writing from our last journey and found this letter I wrote my mom and thought I’d share it here. Dear […]

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What We Do When We Are Sick

I’ve had a number of people ask me lately what we do when we are sick on the trip. That’s a hard question to answer.  There were many times on our year-long journey around the USA and Mexico when we faced illness or injury, and there is no doubt we will face it many more […]

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Last Day of Winter Fun

Tomorrow we load up the car and head home.  We’ve had a blast here in Denver and none of us particularly wants to leave, but another storm is predicted next week and we want to slide home between them.  To take advantage of their last day of snow, the kids had a massive snowball fight […]

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