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It’ll happen… It’ll happen…

I’m feeling a bit more settled these days although we still have a l-o-n-g way to go.  I’m grateful that we’ve passed beyond the frantic OMG-where-are-we-going-to-sleep stage, but that’s really about all we’ve managed to do. For now, we are hanging out in a small apartment where we can stay as long as we need.  […]

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Davy’s thoughts on being back

It’s great being back in America. I have gotten to know the kid living in our house and he has airsoft guns (BB guns)! We play with him whenever we go over there. He said that I could have his Legos because he never uses them but I haven’t taken them yet. Me and Daryl […]

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Brain in a Blender

I expected our return to be hectic.  I expected to be running around like chickens with our heads cut off as we frantically tried to line up a place to stay and get stuff out of storage and arrange for the kids to go back to school and do all those other things I knew […]

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Welcome Home party Saturday!

We have planned a little welcome home party for Saturday afternoon at 2 at the Idaho Pizza on Fairview and Cole.  Please join us!!!

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Welcome to Boise!

Welcome Home!!!

We made it to Boise last night – after three flight delays and one flight cancellation.  Even  so – *poof* and we’re magically 10,000 miles north.  Wow – what a concept! Boise came out to greet us in style last night.  We were THRILLED by all the welcome signs – what a special way to […]

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boxes in driveway

On the Edge (Again)

I’ve been feeling nervous lately.  Really nervous.  As in, thinking about going back to Idaho and my brain goes haywire thinking about all the things that can go wrong.  Thinking about how I have no idea how to function in American society and yet I have to navigate the whole tricky process of renting a […]

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Please meet us at the airport!

We’ll be arriving into Boise on the 11:13 United flight from Chicago MONDAY NIGHT!!!  It would be awesome to have a welcoming committee there with signs of congratulations for the boys for their accomplishment.  If you can come – please do!  As much as I would love to have a bunch of kids there, I […]

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Simple Things

I hope I never lose this sense of wonder.  This sense of being amazed by simple things.  Of feeling overwhelmed by things most of us take for granted.  I hope our journey has changed me in some fundamental way that prevents me from becoming desensitized to the simple pleasures in life. I washed clothes today.  […]

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Nancy in Colombia

Finding the Exotic in the Mundane

I’ve been thinking about the future a lot these days, seeing as how I’m lost in a sea of options. Every day for the past three years we knew what we were doing; where we were going.  We woke up and knew we would be getting back on the bikes and pedaling south. We may […]

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Packing up the bikes

Packing up

We’ve been busy packing bikes, trailer, and gear for our flight to Buenos Aires tonight.  We will be there for a few days before we head north to Idaho. I’m getting excited.  Our bags are packed and we’ve now got a pile of boxes just like we did three years ago.  We have finished one […]

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Daryl bundled up for cold

Tierra del Fuego National Park

OK, OK, I know I said we reached the end of the world last week – but really we reached Ushuaia 22 kilometers from the actual end.  Of course, we simply HAD to reach the end.  We couldn’t cycle 17,000 miles and not get there, right?? So yesterday we woke up early and headed out […]

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Alaska Highway

Elated and Deflated

It’s been four days now since we pedaled that final mile and crossed the finish line at the end of the world – and we haven’t fallen off the edge yet.  It’s been four days of whirlwind, four days of feeling prouder than I ever dreamed I could feel, four days of wondering and marveling […]

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