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with stone sheep in British Columbia

Regrets about long-term family travel?

I was browsing the Lonely Planet forum the other day and stumbled upon an interesting question:  “Do you have any regrets about taking an extended family vacation?”  The poster was considering heading out with her family for a year or more and was wondering if any of us would make a different decision now that […]

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maruti bead with tassel

Maruti beads: A review

A while ago I got an email in my inbox. I  was wondering if you would like to review our beads on your blog. I will be happy to send you a free bead mix pack. Ummm… free beads? You bet! A few weeks later I got a package in the mail. Although I had […]

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Happy 2013 featured

Family on Bike’s best of 2012

Happy 2013! We here at Family on Bikes wish you the merriest of times and the best of everything. We truly hope that your 2013 is the best year ever. Make your dreams come true! I’ve taken this chance to look back through my blog and find what I consider to be our best posts […]

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Lesson from my mother: Compassion

“I remember that day like it was yesterday,” my mom told me. “I was eleven – in fifth grade. My teacher, Mrs. Hansen, was teaching about pronouns when the principal walked into our classroom and called me out. He didn’t say a word as we walked through the hallway; I had no idea what was […]

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ethiopian child with gun

Capture the Color


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house in yemen

My Seven Super Shots

Emiel from Act of Traveling tagged me for this travel meme, and it’s been a challenge. Seven best pics. Out of thousands. How does one go about choosing? In the end, it came down to a coin flip for some of these, but what was important was the trip down Memory Lane I took while […]

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CNN Ireport Awards

Please vote for Best Personal Story on CNN IReport

Holy freakin’ Batman and Robin! We’ve been nominated for Best Personal Story on CNN IReport! Out of the hundreds of thousands of ireports filed every year, ours is one of six finalists in the Best Personal Story category! VOTE HERE! Although their judges will choose the winner is each of six categories, there is also […]

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Mom and the boys

Happy Mother’s Day!

Memories of the time I spent with my mother are some of the most special memories I have. Make the most of every moment you have with your mom – her days are limited. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos scanned of me and Mom, but here are a few of my mom with my […]

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group of cyclists

Bike Safety in Groups

One of the considerations we had to think about as we cycled the Americas was the sheer size of our group. There is a different set of factors cyclists need to take into consideration when sharing a ride with other cyclists rather than riding solo. Here are some tips from our sponsors. Bicycling is always […]

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Cycling the PanAmerican Highway board game

One of our loyal readers, Oletta Branstiter, created a board game for her grandchildren based on our journey! She’s graciously made it available for whoever wants. Included in the download is all the pictures and pieces – just print and assemble the game! Download “Cycling the PanAmerican Highway” here Hmmm… now we’ll have go for […]

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Free narrated slide show DVD with purchase of What Were We Thinking? book

John was sorting through his various assorted DVDs the other night and stumbled upon a DVD he made at some point in the past of a narrated slide show of our bike trip through Pakistan/India/Nepal/Bangladesh that we wrote about in What Were We Thinking? Bicycling the Back Roads of Asia. We have no idea when […]

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conquer your fears so you can conquer the world

Conquer Your Fears So You Can Conquer the World

It’s coming! It’s coming! I’ve got a new free e-book coming out soon! If you are wanting to pursue your passion, but fear is holding you back, this booklet is for you. I’ve identified the top twelve fears holding people back and gathered them together in this book. Next week I’ll be releasing my book, […]

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festival at buddhist monastery in sikkim india

The making of an adventure mom: A look back at 28 years of marching to a different beat

The story of how I came to be straddled on my bike looking south at the longest road in the world As romantic as it sounds to fly to the northern edge of the world with children and plans to cycle as far south as is possible, it didn’t happen quite that easily. There were […]

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Twenty Miles per Cookie is now FREE!!

The Kindle version of Twenty Miles per Cookie will be available for FREE download at Amazon all day Sunday and Monday! If you’ve been wanting to read my book but been putting off purchasing it, now’s your time! If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle app for your computer from […]

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FINALLY (doing what you’ve asked me to do)

OK, so I typically share lessons we learned on the road in my blog, but today is a bit different. Today I want to share something with you that’s been roaming around in this head of mine for a while. We’re quickly coming up on our one year anniversary of reaching Ushuaia. One year ago […]

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Long term effects of a viral post

I am not a blogger blogging about blogging – I’ll leave that to the experts in the industry. However, I feel I have something important to share about the business of blogging now so I’ll branch out today. If you don’t have a blog, this information will not pertain to you in the least – […]

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