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Why You Should Step Out of Your Travel Comfort Zone At Least Once in Your Life

Every trip you take is a leap of faith, but each one varies in degree of difficulty. Take, for example, a family trip to the beach: you might not know how the weather will hold out, but ultimately, it’s a safe bet that everyone will have a good time, relax and bask in familiar and […]

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Simple Things That Even the Smartest People Tend to Forget

You might be incredibly smart, with the IQ score and the degrees to prove it. You might have scored impressive grade point averages all through school. You might hold a very high level job or make a huge amount of money – both indications of smartness. Smart is as smart does, though. Smart people tend […]

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Frank Church Wilderness

I’ve hiked 400 miles of the Appalachian Trail and 200 miles of the Colorado Trail. I’ve been backpacking for over 40 years and consider myself experienced. When my sons and I were planning a 50-mile loop in the Frank Church Wilderness of Idaho, it wasn’t a big deal with the exception of one caveat: we […]

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Getting this holding tank was a MAJOR accomplishment! We had to dig the pit entirely by hand, then build the retaining wall to prevent it from tumbling down the hill.

Merry Christmas from Family on Bikes

It’s Christmas. Again. It’s funny how I mark the years as our sons have grown up according to where we were for Christmas.   And now – we’ve been in Boise for five years. Five years? Really? It doesn’t seem possible that we arrived back here from our PanAm journey nearly five years ago. And […]

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What if the critics are right?

All dreamers talk about critics. We complain about how they bring us down. We complain about how they just don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s easy to come to the conclusion that they are speaking out of fear, or jealousy, or lack of knowledge. But what if they are right? What if we are […]

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trek on volcano pacaya

When solo travel isn’t the best teacher

When everybody is raving on the benefits of traveling solo, can I say that traveling with someone taught me a much stronger lesson. It seems that lately, all travel related sites and blogs have been raving on the greatness of solo travel, publishing seemingly inspiring posts highlighting the benefits of traveling solo for just about […]

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From human rights lawyer to travel blogger: How Cuba changed my life

I frequently talk about living your life on your own terms in this blog. I am a firm believer that we have one life to live, and it’s up to us to make it good. I also understand the pull of society – all those societal expectations can be difficult to buck, and it’s rarely […]

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When the dream doesn’t work out

Today, I want to introduce you to an incredible woman. I am privileged to have the opportunity to work with a number of ladies striving to make their dreams happen. It’s a lot of work and requires tremendous amounts of tenacity, but I’ve seen people reach for the stars and make it. That’s always exciting, […]

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Depending on where you are and what your schedule is, it can be easy to just bundle up and sleep wherever you happen to be.

6 Ways to find free accommodation when you travel

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Justin Carmack, a travel blogger, divemaster and overall lover of freedom and adventure on the road. In 2010 Justin sold all his things and left home; traded his possessions for dreams – dreams of traveling the world, getting lost, and living life free and to the fullest. He writes about […]

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tree of love

The currency of life

This post was written by the writer of the (now defunct) site, Perrys’ in Wonderland. I first read it back in 2008 and it has stayed with me ever since. Throughout the years, I have often gone back to reread these words and remind myself how important it is that we choose wisely. We only […]

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rebel heart

Life is a gamble – and it doesn’t always go your way

You may or may not be aware of a rescue happening now on the high seas, but I’ve been gripped with this story since I heard of it. A family of four, with two small children, set out in their boat to cross the ocean. One thousand miles from the Mexican coast, their boat was […]

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cycling eastern oregon

Have you chosen your life? Or has your life chosen you?

Sorry guys,” I apologized as I handed my sons a bag of potato chips and a can of ranch dip.  “This is all I have for breakfast.”  Their eyes lit up, not quite believing that their mother, the one who worships all things good and natural and organic, would hand them a bag of chips […]

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Why not do it now?

I love it when I hear from other bloggers who want to write about their journey toward making their dream life happen. Every time I read their stories, I’m inspired anew. Today, I introduce you to Sofie from Wonderful Wanderings – I’m sure you’ll enjoy her inspirational message about jumping in with both feet even […]

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happy new year 2014

The best of 2013 on Family on Bikes

2014 is nearly here! I figured the beginning of a new year was a good excuse to look back through the old one. And so – here are what I consider to be my best posts of 2013. Enjoy! January Can we all really follow our dreams?    February The universe will conspire to help […]

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Biking in Florida

Headed to Florida on vacation and want to take your bike? There will be plenty of opportunities for you to use it! Florida has an extensive network of bike trails – both paved and off-road. No matter when you’ll be going in the state, you’ll find routes to keep you busy for a quick one-hour […]

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cycling peru

When is it time to call it quits?

Is there a point where you have to accept defeat? I’ve written a lot about how you need to hang on to your goal, have single-minded determination, and fight like you’ve never fought before in order to make your dream a reality. But is there a point where you accept that it’s not going to […]

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