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Amman Jordan

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 10 – Rest day in Amman

I spent a relaxing day in Amman. I attended a Jordan Trail Association meeting where I met a lot of people connected to the trail. I think I finally got my phone fixed. I went all the way across town to the service provider so I could talk with someone who spoke very good English. […]

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Jordan Trail

Hiking the Jordan Trail – Day 9: Rmeimeem to Fuheis (9 miles)

Another day of uneventful hiking on the Jordan Trail, the usual ups and downs.  It was cold and windy with off-and-on rain all day long. I made it to the Christian city of Fuheis, which was so close to Amman I decided to go there and get my phone fixed, pick up a missing GPS […]

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My campsite overlooking the lake behind King Talal Dam.

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 8 – King Talal Dam to Rmeimeem (9 miles)

I had a restful night perched on a hill overlooking the large lake behind the King Talal Dam. I had an awesome view and enjoyed watching the sun set behind the mountains. Hiking is getting – how can I say it? – repetitive. More ups and downs, green hillsides, and – surprise, surprise – more […]

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Jordanian shopkeeper

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 7 – Khirbet al-Souq to King Talal Dam (7 miles)

Today was a very short, very easy day. After 10 hours in the tent, I had to get out. First light was around 5 a.m. so I got an early start. Even with walking slowly through the Jordanian countryside and taking a long break in Burma, I arrived at my destination by 1:30 p.m. I was tempted to go […]

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olive grove Jordan

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 6: Ajloun to Khirbet al-Souq (10 miles)

“Be ready in 15 minutes, we’re ready to go!” I was in the middle of a peaceful breakfast seated at the hotel overlooking the valley in Ajloun when Amjad called me on the phone. “Where are we going?” I answered. “We’re going to hike together for the first half of this segment,” Amjad answered. Yesterday in […]

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view from Mar Elias

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 5 – Mar Elias

The sun was out in full force when I left the homestay this morning. It was quite cool so I was bundled up in my sweater. With my fully loaded bright blue backpack atop my shoulders I started the several kilometer trek to the city’s edge. Many people were outside on the patios or sitting […]

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Jordan Trail through olive field

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 4 – Jordanian hospitality

Another beautiful day in the countryside; too sunny in fact, and I got a little sunburned. Tomorrow, I’ll put on some sunscreen. Jordan is well known for its hospitality, and so far on this trip it’s a very well deserved reputation. If I stopped with everyone who invited me to have tea with them I’d never get […]

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Ruins of a Byzantine church

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 3 – Byzantine church and Jesus Cave

Today was another beautiful day walking through small villages and wandering around the beautiful hillsides of Jordan. It’s green and full of colorful flowers – purple lupines, red poppies, black and white irises, yellow buttercups, and lots of small purple flowers. The sun was out with a cool, gentle breeze – who could ask for […]

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Roman ruins of Pella

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 2 – Ziglab to Pella (8 miles)

I didn’t go very far today but each step was excruciatingly painful because of the severe chafing. I’m going to take tomorrow off because of it, but I don’t think it will do much good. I need at least a week off. I’m not sure what I will do. The highlight today was meeting five […]

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Um Qais

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 1 – Um Qais to Ziglab (16 miles)

I am thoroughly exhausted and I’ve only come 16 miles. Normally this would be easy, a piece of cake – but this was hard. The trail itself wasn’t so bad; the slow pace was for other reasons. For starters, it rained a lot today which in and of itself wasn’t a big deal. What made […]

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Um Qais church

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Um Qais at the trailhead

  I stood atop the hills overlooking the Jordan Valley mesmerized by their sheer expanse. It was a very hazy day and, although the Sea of Galilee was almost directly below me, I could just barely see it. The Golden Heights dominated the hills on the opposite side of the Jordan Valley. The hills of […]

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Jordan Trail map

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Ready to go

My phone doesn’t work on the Jordanian network, so I brought it to a shop to get unlocked and have a new Sim chip installed. After a day in the shop and a huge hassle reinstalling, configuring, and resyncing the apps, I think I got it back to the way it was. I went to the […]

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smoking shisha

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Arrival

I made it to Amman. Guess where the first place I headed to was? After I got my fill of shisha I headed over to the mobile phone shop. Unfortunately my cell phone will not work on the Jordanian Network so I have to have the phone unlocked. I’ll give them the phone tonight and […]

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gear for Jordan Trail

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Preparation

I’ve got butterflies fluttering around in my stomach.  The kind of feeling I get when I’m about to experience something new, exciting, and unknown.  Tomorrow I leave for the country of Jordan where I plan on hiking the Jordan Trail from the Palestinian/Syrian border all the way down to the Saudi Arabian border, a total […]

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