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How to protect your website from hackers

A while ago my wife sat quietly at her computer, responding to comments on our blog. “John,” she frantically shouted, “something’s wrong with our website. Nothing is coming up.” I raced to where our files were stored and my heart sank as I sat staring at the directory on our host provider. We had been […]

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A world cycling dad

What does a world cycling dad look like?

Here’s what other traveling parents look like! Edventure Project Drew Gilbert Almost Fearless Travels with a Nine-Year-Old Our travel lifestyle Wandermom Snaps and Blabs Livin on the Road Raising Miro on the road of life  

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tandem at lake in Peru

Rodriguez tandem: A review

Ah, the tandem.  I will always have fond memories of riding our Rodriguez tandem 17,300 miles down the length of the Americas.  I developed a unique relationship with my son, the stoker, as our lives were inseparable for almost three years. Together we faced the trials and tribulations of this wonderful adventure, but this is […]

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A blast from the past

John has been going through all our old photos and videos – stumbled upon this one from back in 1998. Stick with it til the end – it’s hilarious!

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Dreams to Reality: One family’s story

John nailed it this time – this is his best video ever!  I wanted a 3- or 4-minute video that summarized our journeys and he delivered!

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Cycling Tierra del Fuego video

Another video – I think this one is the best yet!  It’s a bit longer than the rest of them, but worth it.  Love, love, LOVE the part of the last day on the road! 

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Video of Central Argentina!

John got another video done – this one is the entire middle section of Argentina!  I would embed it here, but every time I do that, it somehow screws up my blog. So – click here to see it!

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Quebrada de los Conchos

Pneumonia (Km 28, Highway 68, Argentina)

a.m. I feel like crap.  I barely slept last night as every time I turned over the gunk in my lungs shifted and I spent the next 15 minutes coughing.  By then, it was time to turn over. The problem now is that we have no choice but to push on.  It’s 38 km back […]

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Relax and Unwind (from John)

Relax and unwind.  That’s the name of the game at the end of a hot, steamy ride through the jungle.  It’s always hard to find a plce to stay at night when there are no hotels, but tonight we hit the jackpot! We came across a bunch of bar/restaurants adjacent to a large river where […]

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The Good and the Bad (by John)

The end of today brought us to a small village nestled in the Andes. We had just enough time to eat and stock up on food supplies before we set out to find a place to spend the night. The only hotel in town was closed and Nancy couldn’t get permission to camp at the […]

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camping in the altiplano

Lure of the Bicycle (by John)

Lure of the Bike (by John) “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” -William Shedd There were two great things about staying at the Casa de Ciclistas.  First there were many other cyclists doing similar trips as we were.  I’d be hard pressed to find a better way of […]

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Video of Peruvian Desert

John is whipping these things out!  Enjoy our video of Cycling the Peruvian Coastal Desert!

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Gregory the alpaca herder

John’s Journal – Humbled

Today I was humbled.  As dusk was upon us and the cold nipping at our hands and feet, we pushed our bikes into a meadow to look for a place to camp.  Then along came Gregory, the land owner who boasted he had 400 head of alpaca – animals similar to a llama.  He was […]

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John’s Journal – Adaptation

The human body is truly amazing.  It actually adapts very well to the physical conditions it finds itself in.  In just a couple weeks we’ve gone from the sweltering coastal desert up to over 14,000 feet in the Andes Mountains.  On days when we climbed over a few thousand feet, I felt my body struggling […]

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Galapagos Video

John got the Galapagos video done!  I am just amazed watching it – marine iguanas and giant tortoises munching away…  Davy snorkeling with sea lions…  Wow!  It really is an amazing place!

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2009 in 30 seconds!

We put together a short little video of our year – hope you enjoy it! Edited to add:  It was picked up by CNN!!  Be sure to watch it and comment!  And, if you can, please pass it on to your friends.  We don’t know, but are thinking that if this video gets a […]

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