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Davy getting his bike

26″ vs 700c wheels for a touring bike: The definitive answer

The other day, a group of friends was sitting around talking about mistakes we’ve made over the years.  My first reaction was that we didn’t make any mistakes – uh uh – not us! But that may not be entirely true… Maybe we did make a mistake or two at random points along the line… […]

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Overland panniers

Pannier Review – Overland, Jandd, Ortlieb

One of the first things any bike tourist discovers is that we all do things differently.  Some of us like large panniers, others small.  Some want lots of pockets, others prefer one big bag.   Waterproof or not… Easy removal or made to stay on… heavy and durable or lighter weight but won’t last as long…  […]

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New Schwalbe tire

Schwalbe Tires

Have I mentioned before how much I love our Schwalbe tires? I was reminded again just now. I left Alaska with two new Schwalbes on my bike.  I’ve had to replace my rear tire a few times already, but the front one was the Energizer Bunny of bike tires – it just kept going and […]

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Early Start

Busted Bike (Pomata, Peru)

My bike is falling apart.  Is seems like every time I turn around something else breaks – I have no idea how I’ll make it another 7000 km. Today it was my seat post clamp (the tiny little thing that holds your seat at the desired height, for you non-bikers out there).  I noticed yesterday […]

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touring bike

Daily life for a biking family

Routine. It seems like everyone I know tries so hard to establish a routine. They want their days to be comfortable and predictable. They want to wake up in the morning and know what time they need to leave for work, who they will meet during the day, and exactly where they’ll lay their head […]

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New Resources Page!

John has been working frantically for the past few weeks to get a new resources section up on our website.  Hopefully, we’ve got information in there for bikers & nonbikers, families & singles, and techies & those-of-us-who-know-nothing.  Our intention was to try and share some of the knowledge we’ve gained through our years on the […]

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Ortlieb Sale

I know a number of you are preparing for your own tours right now, so I thought I’d pass this on.  I just heard from Josh over at Bike Trailer Shop that he is running a sale on Ortlieb panniers.  If you don’t have panniers yet, you might want to invest in a set of […]

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Bike Trailer Shop: The Bike Trailer Experts

BOB vs ExtraWheel – a Bike Trailer Comparison

I’ve now got a whopping 200 miles on my new BOB, so I thought I’d write up a bit of a comparison between the two trailers. Keep in mind that I’ve only ridden 200 miles with the BOB, whereas I rode 5000 with the Extrawheel – so my feelings may change as I get more […]

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Me and my loaded bike pulling the ExtraWheel

ExtraWheel Trailer – A 3000-Mile Review

I now have about 3500 miles on my Extrawheel trailer, so I thought I’d review it again with my current perceptions. I hope this helps some of you. Connection System I no longer have any doubts about the way the trailer is connected to the bike. It doesn’t “look” like it will hold, but it […]

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Bike Trailer Shop: The Bike Trailer Experts

ExtraWheel Trailer – A Review

Now that I’ve got over 1000 miles on my Extrawheel trailer I figured I would do a review.  I hope this info is helpful to those considering getting one. (Please note! ExtraWheel has now redesigned their trailer to address most of my concerns in this review. Anything I say about the frame or connection system […]

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Panniers or Trailer?

As bicycle tourists, we need to carry everything on our bikes.  Everything.  If we have it with us, it has to be somehow strapped, lashed, and buckled onto our bicycles.  One of the most common questions potential cycle tourists ask is:  which is better – trailer or panniers?  My response is – it depends on your personal […]

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Nancy’s REI Novara Randonee

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Surly Racks

Surly Racks Arrived

I found another great big box on the doorstep this afternoon – our Surly racks.  Man – are these things heavy duty!!  If anything will make it 20,000 miles, these will.  Now we just have to get them mounted on our bikes.  Oh yeah – we need to get our bikes first!

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ExtraWheel, Schwalbe, Co-Motion, and Surly Sponsors

Gosh – what a day!! We’ve been trying to finalize our gear list for a while now, and finally got some things hammered out.  Today three different companies came through for us. will be giving us a significant discount on ExtraWheel trailers and an Ortlieb handlebar bag.  We’ve been debating for the past few […]

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Ibex logo

Ibex Sponsor

I just realized that I hadn’t put it here on my blog that Ibex has agreed to sponsor our journey by providing a hefty discount on wool clothing.  We are sure to run into plenty of inclement weather on our journey, and there is nothing like wool to keep us warm and dry.

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