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Response from Guinness World Records – and a HUGE thank you!

We finally heard from Guinness World Records! Although it’s not official recognition of the world record, they commended the boys for a job well done. They are both happy and content with this. Dear Daryl and Davy Vogel, Thank you for your passion and commitment to Guinness World Records and congratulations on your recently completed […]

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How the world record attempt changed our journey

Dear Guinness World Records, I think that because we followed all the requirements you gave us to the letter you should formally acknowledge us as the youngest people to have cycled the Pan-American Highway. Then you can do whatever you want with the record. While the record was a secondary thing all along we still […]

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Boy Scout Campout

Davy’s account This weekend was AWESOME! Mom got us involved with this Boy Scout troop called Troop 91 or something, and this weekend we went out on a camping trip. We had to each bring a tarp and some rope and we made shelters by tying the rope on different trees and putting the tarp […]

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Yup – we got brains

We just found this video of Daryl from a few years back – it’s way too cute!! Be sure to watch it all the way to the end. Can anybody be any cuter??

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Packing up the bikes

Packing up

We’ve been busy packing bikes, trailer, and gear for our flight to Buenos Aires tonight.  We will be there for a few days before we head north to Idaho. I’m getting excited.  Our bags are packed and we’ve now got a pile of boxes just like we did three years ago.  We have finished one […]

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The Andes on the way to Los Glaciares Parque

Visiting the Perito Moreno Glacier

Daryl: Today we took a 2-hour bus ride to the Glacier National Park near Calafate, Argentina. When we got there we went on a boat ride to see a huge glacier that dropped down into a lake.  Sometimes pieces of it would fall off.  It was pretty cool.  There were a lot of people on […]

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long road to nowhere

Unbearable Heat (Sarmiento, Argentina)

I think this heat wave may be breaking – we’re sitting here in the campground in Sarmiento listening to the rumble of thunder off in the distance.  Flashes of lighting periodically light up the entire sky to the west. It was a hot ride in to town today – and we were all desperate for […]

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Davy bundled up for cold

Icy Wind (Esquel, Argentina)

Good God Almighty!  I’m not sure we’re up for another 2000 kilometers of this. It’s cold – bitter cold.  The wind howls nonstop like we’re in some kind of wind tunnel.  And it’s the middle of summer! We’re now at latitude 43 – about the same distance from the equator as our home in Boise, […]

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Cooking ravioli dinner

Happy Birthday!

From Daryl:  Yesterday was our birthday. We turned 13. Mommy thinks that that is a big thing but I don’t. It’s like going from 11 to 12 but one number higher. If 12 was secteen then that would be becoming a teenager, but it’s not so 13 is a big milestone. It doesn’t make any […]

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Home for the night

Daryl’s Journal New Year’s Eve

Today was a fairly short, really hot day. We had spent the night camped in some people’s yard.  We got up and left.  For a while it was cool, then it got hotter and hotter. Eventually, it was blazing. We stopped and got under the road in a drainage pit for a long time. We […]

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Daryl’s Journal December 24

Today started with us pushing our bikes up a sandy hill. It was pretty hard. Then we started riding. The road was dirt and really hard to ride on. Mommy had to walk her bike most of the time and I helped her push. Most of the day for me was just helping Mommy push […]

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Leaving Mendoza (by D & D)

I really liked it here in Mendoza, even though we had to switch hotels every two days. I got to go horseback riding, ziplining, and river rafting. I liked the horseback riding the best. I raced Daryl and watched him fall off his horse:(, but I was able to beat him in a race :). […]

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Pueblo del Rio

Rafting and Zipline with Argentina Rafting (Daryl)

Today was an eventful day. The hotel we are staying at had breakfast so we started with that. It was pretty good for a hotel breakfast in this area. It had bread, hot chocolate, juice, toast, and corn flakes. Then some people from Argentina Rafting took us to go rafting and on a zip line. […]

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Daryl’s Journal November 26

It took us two days to get here (San Juan) from Jachal. On the first day we went 108 kilometers and it was fairly easy. No winds, no hills. Then we camped out and I stepped on a thorn in the desert. It went through my shoe and into my foot and hurt really bad. […]

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Davy and Daryl hiking

Sometimes Ya Gotta Do It (Hualfin, Argentina)

Sometimes ya just gotta do it.  No matter your intentions, no matter what lay ahead, there are times when you simply have to say, “This is just too lovely to leave.”  That’s exactly where we’re at. All along our intention had been to spend one day here at the Quebrada Termales, but last night, as […]

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Oldest winery in Cafayate

Daryl’s Journal October 24

The last three days have been fairly interesting. To start we went to a goat cheese factory. Unfortunately they were done milking the goats, and they weren’t making cheese. They make cheese about twice a week.  For dinner that night we went to a place that made empanadas with Anna, Alister, Nils, and Carolin (the […]

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