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cycling Nicaragua

Is bike touring dangerous?

“Isn’t it dangerous?” We heard those words all the time as we cycled from Alaska to Argentina and, frankly, I was always a bit confused when I heard them. Dangerous in what way? What should we be afraid of? Yes, what we were doing was dangerous. We could have been hit by a car, bitten […]

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family bike touring

Maps for bike touring

If you are planning to ride your bike from Point A to Point B, you’ll need to know how to get there. If you’re riding to Grandma’s house, you probably already know the way but otherwise – you’ll need some kind of map to help you out. Many people new to bicycle touring get caught […]

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cycling the Peruvian desert

Bike touring basics

Bicycle touring is traveling using your bicycle as your means of transportation. There are generally two types of touring – supported and unsupported. A supported tour is one with some sort of sag wagon to carry your gear. It may be an organized tour with hundreds of riders and semi-trucks to carry gear, or just […]

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cycling the Dalton Highway

7 tips to prepare your child for a bike tour

1) Ride a lot. Log as many saddle hours as possible to get your child used to being on the bike. One of the worst parts of a bike tour are the first couple weeks when your bum is getting used to being perched on a saddle all day. Logging plenty of hours beforehand eliminates […]

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Entering Oregon on bike tour

49 Tips for a long distance family bike ride

Never doubt your child Don’t doubt your child – even for one nanosecond Remember that kids are capable of a lot more than you think Make distances kid-friendly Keep kids in the loop Eat frequently Make sure bike and clothes fit properly Keep snacks in cut-off water bottle on handlebar Make list of daily chores […]

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biking in snow

Kids on bikes? Yes, they can!

Many people dream of taking off with their children to travel the world.  Their dreams are filled with days of visiting the Egyptian pyramids or the Taj Majal.  They will travel on buses and planes and boats…  But traveling the world on bicycle?  With kids?  Why?  I have now cycled about 27,000 miles with my […]

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tandem with trail-a-bike

How to get kids touring on bicycle

If you are wanting to get out on your bike with your children, you have quite a few options available to help you do that. Choose what works for your family! Small children will need to be attached to your bike in some manner. Your options are: trailer trailer bike tandem coupling to attach your […]

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John ad

A bicycling kind of love story

“What on God’s green earth am I doing here?” I thought as I gazed upon the pile of bikes, panniers, and miscellaneous gear strewn about the floor of the Pakistani airport – and at the strange man putting it all together. “How in the heck did I go this far over the deep end?” Let […]

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Flat tire blues

Bike Touring Tips

So – you say you want to go bike touring? I say go for it. And figured I’d give you a bit of unsolicited advice while I’m at it. Expect the following: You’ll be terrified of the unknown At some point – and maybe all points – on your tour, you’ll be miserable It won’t […]

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Davy getting his bike

26″ vs 700c wheels for a touring bike: The definitive answer

The other day, a group of friends was sitting around talking about mistakes we’ve made over the years.  My first reaction was that we didn’t make any mistakes – uh uh – not us! But that may not be entirely true… Maybe we did make a mistake or two at random points along the line… […]

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in alberta, Canada

Magical Moments

It’s been a wild ride, this journey of ours.  We’ve done so much. We’ve seen so much.  A few highlights, you ask?  Sure – I can do that! Standing amidst a massive pile of gear and food that somehow had to end up lashed, strapped, or buckled onto our bikes… Setting out under clear blue […]

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Meeting the Freisens

Isn’t bike touring dangerous?

“I was driving down the road the other day and saw some cyclists ahead.  I braked and waited until I could get by safely, but I’m concerned about them – the other motorists who won’t do that.” “I saw a cyclist riding through my town last week, so I invited him over to my house […]

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cycling in the rain

Why I prefer traveling on bikes

The other day as we cycled through the Argentine Lake District in pouring rain, I wasn’t having much fun.  The plentiful lakes we passed were nearly hidden in the clouds and I most likely missed many of them altogether.  Rather than the vibrant green of the trees and magical blue of the lakes that we […]

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Daryl enjoying nature during a break

Why I like bike touring

“Bus travel is boring, Mom,” Davy told me. “If we could take the bikes up in the mountains I would love to go. But not if I have to go in a bus.” I think I’m doing something wrong here. Or maybe it’s something right? We had been house sitting in Quito for a couple […]

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cycling Pakistan karakoram highway

Never Hitch a Ride in a Tractor

Another tale from our journey around Pakistan so many years ago… ********* It sounded like a good idea at the time. Well no, I should say it sounded like a good idea to my traveling companion. To me it sounded like an awful idea. Biking 400 kilometers on a nasty dirt road over a 12,500 foot […]

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