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Taiwan coastline

Five reasons to bike tour in Taiwan

We lived in Taiwan for a couple years when our kids were small, and I have fond memories of hikes in the jungle, visits to Buddhist temples, and more delicious food than should be legal. So when the Taiwan tourism board asked me to help them promote bike touring in their country, I jumped at […]

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bike boxes

Flying with a bike: What to know and how to prepare

We’ve flown with our bikes a lot. Throughout the years, our bikes have been boxed up dozens of times and then carefully unboxed in exotic locales like Pakistan, Yemen, Mali, and Alaska. Through all that boxing and unboxing, we’ve learned a few things about flying with a bike. If you and your family have bikes […]

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kid on bike

Top Ten reasons for becoming a Bicycle Mom

I love connecting with other moms who bike. I love how we all have our own, distinct reasons for spending time on the bike. Today, I would like to introduce you to a Florida mom who uses her bike as her primary means of transport. Here are her top reasons for choosing a bike. ********** […]

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oil chain while bike touring

How to perform regular bicycle maintenance while on a bike tour

I know a lot about riding a bike around the world. I can figure out a route and know what to look for in panniers. I know a lot – and I know when I’m out of my league. Bicycle maintenance is one of those areas where I will readily admit my ignorance. Yes, I […]

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hiking in Colorado

Cycling in Breckenridge

The beautiful city of Breckenridge is calling you to experience its magic. Situated high in the Colorado Rockies, it’s breathtaking beauty is something you will never forget. For cyclists, there is something for everyone. With plenty of mountain bike trails, and a nice network of roads, cycling in Breckenridge is a great way to spend […]

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folding bike

Which Bike is Best for You?

There’s a very good reason why Freddie Mercury from Queen dedicated an entire song solely to bicycles: it’s because bikes are incredibly awesome. They’re fun, functional, and could possibly be the best machine you can use to stay fit. There are many different uses for a bike, hence the existence of more than just one […]

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cycling as a family

Manchester – Cycling Between Business and Pleasure

Everyone seems to be getting on their bikes in Great Britain. Some are then crossing the channel and doing rather well in the Tour De France. The UK’s own Tour of Britain runs (rides? cycles? pedals?) from 15th to 22nd September 2013 and The Tour Rides event offers the opportunity for amateur riders to “follow […]

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cycling when it's cold

How to carry clothes for every weather condition Mother Nature can throw your way

There is no such thing as bad weather, there is only bad clothing. We experienced it all. Sweltering heat. Bitter cold. Freezing rain. Hail, fog, wind. You name it; we battled it. And we had to be prepared for it all. So how, you ask, does one carry clothes for four seasons in a small […]

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The Best of Brisbane on Foot or Bike

One of the best ways to explore a new place and make sense of a city is by getting out and about for a walk or bike ride. Human power the most cost-effective, healthy and reliable form of transport — plus, you get the chance to work off that three-course lunch! What’s more, wandering a […]

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Dali Theatre-Museum

Biking in Barcelona: Day rides in and around the city

If you are planning to spend your holiday in Barcelona, you have a variety of touring options and various modes of transportation to choose from. Barcelona is big in terms of size and can be difficult for one to explore on foot, making it perfect for biking. The terrain of the city is quite fair […]

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Bicycling and hiking in Taiwan

Taiwan is a unique landmass formed about six million years ago when the Filipino and Asian plates began colliding with each other.  The central mountain range formed from the Asian plate while the coastal mountains which run along the eastern seaboard formed from the Filipino plate.  Between them is a valley where the best rice […]

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Taiwan’s East Coast: A rugged, yet spectacular, area

The small mountain range that runs along Taiwan’s east coast is covered with lush green forests which accentuate the already spectacular coastline. Rugged in both its physical and cultural characteristics, the coast is dotted with fishing villages whose inhabitants are the descendants of hardy pioneers who first crossed the almost insurmountable central mountain range looking […]

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Taiwan temple

Exploring Taiwan: A Photo Essay

There was a compelling force within me, driving me forward, demanding that I push on. Riding a bicycle always does this to me. It gives me the freedom to explore and the exhilaration of discovery in a way that only bicycling can provide. As I rode up a Taiwanese mountain valley thru a lush, thick […]

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Top 8 natural attractions near Las Vegas for biking & adventure

As fun as a trip to Las Vegas can be, we’re not all made for the crowds, noises, lights, and lures of Sin City. What happened to good old natural fun? While many may not initially think of biking, backpacking, hiking, and outdoor travel when they hear the name Las Vegas, the area surrounding Vegas […]

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WithTibetankids China 2005

From a bike journey to a spiritual path: An interview with Cindie Cohagan

I first “met” Cindie Cohagan back in 2006. On our first year-long family bike tour, we happened to pass through the town of Prescott, Arizona, and had dinner with some new-found friends. “I’ve got some friends who have been traveling the world on their bikes for a few years now,” one of the women said. […]

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Manhattan Waterfront Greenway

Exploring New York City by Bike

When many people think of New York City, they think of Times Square, Broadway shows, shopping on Fifth Avenue and eating in gourmet restaurants. While all of these are popular things to do in New York City, the chance to see some of the classic city sights is an opportunity that should not be passed […]

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