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Cycling Tierra del Fuego video

Another video – I think this one is the best yet!  It’s a bit longer than the rest of them, but worth it.  Love, love, LOVE the part of the last day on the road! 

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Yup – it’s windy

Remember we’ve  been talking about the crazy winds we’ve had lately?  John just put together a quick little video showing the winds.  Yup – they are crazy.

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herd of sheep blocking the road

Cold & Blustery Day (Rio Grande, Argentina)

It was a cold and blustery day, as Winnie the Pooh would say.  It was also a mixed bag, but I don’t think Winnie would say that. The road surface improved tremendously for that last 15K of dirt road, but it was still dismal – mostly because I had made it so in my head.  […]

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loose gravel road

Dirt Road Blues (San Sebastian, Chile)

“I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t like dirt roads,” I mused. “Didn’t you already know that?” Daryl asked. “I don’t like them either,” Davy added.  “Unless they’re a BMX track.” There was a time, back when I was young and foolish, that I enjoyed the rough and tumble challenge of dirt roads.  But […]

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Taking shelter in a bus stop

Godless Territory

…and we thought it was cold and windy yesterday… Today was one of those days we normally wouldn’t even attempt to ride in, but the kind people at the petroleum plant had been so kind as to host us one night, we simply couldn’t ask to stay another.  We packed up and headed out into […]

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Dirt road through Chile

Unexpected Surprise (Cullen, Chile)

Well, this was certainly an unexpected end to a tough day… It was cold this morning – just a few degrees above freezing – but the wind was only a gentle (cold) breeze, so we bundled up and headed out. As expected, the road turned to gravel immediately beyond Cerro Sombrero (we’ll have dirt road […]

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Alarm Clock Failure

Our alarm clock slept in this morning – for the first time ever.  I’m stunned. In all the time I’ve known John, he’s never slept in.  Ever.  There have been plenty of times when I wished the man would roll over and go back to sleep, but he’s never done it.  The second that sun […]

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ferry to Tierra del Fuego

Day of contrasts (Cerro Sombrero, Chile)

I stumbled out of my tent this morning and headed behind a tree for my morning pee.  As I squatted in the woods, I looked out and saw a fox playing about fifteen feet away.  I stayed there, crouching in the woods, and watched as another fox came up.  And then an armadillo came scurrying […]

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