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Conehead skulls from Ica Museum

Elongated conehead skulls and other mysteries at the Regional Museum of Ica

It can be a challenge to make sense of the many civilizations that have cycled through the southern Peruvian desert, but the Regional Museum of Ica, Peru can help you make sense of it all. As you enter into the museum, you’ll take a walk through the ages – quite literally. The museum is designed […]

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Nancy in the market in Piura, Peru

Inspired by a simple woman

I’ve met a lot of women in my travels – and been inspired by even more. It seems like every time I turn around I meet yet another woman who has picked herself up by her bootstraps and faced life with a courage I can only dream of. Many people tell me I’m brave and […]

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Video of Peruvian Desert

John is whipping these things out!  Enjoy our video of Cycling the Peruvian Coastal Desert!

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Climbing Macchu Pichu Mountain

John has yet another video – this one of him and Davy climbing Macchu Pichu Mountain.  I LOVE this one – Davy is just soooo….Davy! Climbing Macchu Pichu Mountain

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The Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca

John is on a roll, I tell you!  Another video for you… The Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca

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Route Decisions

We’ve got a tough decision ahead of us – how will we get through Bolivia? Bolivia will be one of the most challenging parts of our journey due to its sheer remoteness – we’ll spend days on end camping out and will have to carry our own water for up to three or four days […]

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Early Start

Busted Bike (Pomata, Peru)

My bike is falling apart.  Is seems like every time I turn around something else breaks – I have no idea how I’ll make it another 7000 km. Today it was my seat post clamp (the tiny little thing that holds your seat at the desired height, for you non-bikers out there).  I noticed yesterday […]

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Tricycle as transport

Cycling the Altiplano (Ilave, Peru)

It feels so strange to cycle on flat ground!  Here we are – way up high in the Andes Mountains – and it’s flat.  I can’t seem to wrap my mind around this one. It was a fairly nondescript day.  We had hoped we would cycle along the shores of Lake Titicaca, but most of […]

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Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca Floating Islands

We headed out on a tour of LakeTiticaca today!  The highest navigable lake in the world, LakeTiticaca is home to some interesting people. Rather than sitting and pulling on the oars, they stand and push on them – interesting! The floating islands of Uros are probably the most famous part of Lake Titicaca.  The islands […]

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Davy’s Journal June 27

Today I woke up ready to go to the floating islands in Lake Titicaca. We were supposed to leave at 6:30, and since Mom or Dad didn’t wake me up I knew we weren’t going. I asked Mom why she didn’t wake me up and she said that Dad really wanted to go but he […]

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Lake Titicaca! (Puno, Peru)

 “I’m exhausted,” John mumbled as he collapsed off his bike.  “I just can’t seem to catch my breath.” OK – that was weird.  Here I was pedaling just fine up the minor climb we had today, and John was struggling.  That just doesn’t happen. “I wonder if you are fighting something off,” I suggested.  “On […]

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Davy’s Journal June 25

Today I woke up in a COLD hotel room. Last night we came back to Juliaca from Cusco. We got back very late and we went to sleep almost instantly. So this morning I woke up wanting pizza. I waited and waited and did my math and waited some more. Finally Mom went to the internet cafe and I […]

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Inti Raymi celebration

Inti Raymi Celebration

Today was the big celebration – Inti Raymi: Festival of the Sun God.  We headed down to the plaza for the festivities – you can’t visit Cuzco for Inti Raymi without going, can you? We expected a huge crowd.  We did not expect an enormous, massive, mindblowing throng of humanity! Seriously – I thought there […]

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Davy’s Journal June 22

Today we came back from Machu Picchu. It took forever. We had to get to the train station at 8:30 for a train at 9:00. The train took a long time, and then we got the bus to Ollantaytambo and got the taxi to Cusco. That took a long time. Then we had to walk a long ways to […]

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Off the train!


Gosh – after being on our own for so long, we met up with THREE friends today – that must be some kind of record! Anna and Alister, who left Prudhoe Bay just a few days before us, arrived in Cuzco today.  We first met them 1.5 years ago in Moab, then reunited again in […]

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Daryl’s Journal – Macchu Picchu

Today we went to Macchu Picchu.  It is apparently one of the seven wonders of the world. We had a tour.  I learned a bit about Incans.  Davy and Daddy went on a hike and missed the tour.  The reason Daddy wanted to do it was because he wanted to get away from thetourists.  He […]

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