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Video of tandem in the Andes

John got another video done – this one more specific to the tandem going up and over the Andes.

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Bicycling Ecuador video

John got another video finished – highlights of cycling Ecuador.  I think this is his best one yet! 

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A typical scene from southern Ecuador

Made It to the Border!! (Huaquillas, Ecuador)

It feels great to be here!  Finally!  We’re within spittin’ distance of the Peruvian border and will cross first thing in the morning.  And we still have two whole days left on our visas!  Woo Hoo!  This whole visa thing has been hanging over our heads for so long, it feels great to finally reach […]

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We Made It – Maybe (Machala, Ecuador)

I’ve been thinking all day about how happy I am that we made it to the border – with a few days to spare.  Yes, we are still 70 km away, but we should be able to make it with no problem.  But then, I patted myself on the back before – and then ended […]

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Davy’s Journal February 22

Today after a long and hard day of riding yesterday we stayed here in a nice hotel that had free internet. The internet was fast! I could get Rune Scape up in a matter of minutes! We hung out here for a while. Daryl did his math, then I did mine. Then Mom got back […]

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Bicycling through banana plantations

Daryl’s Journal February 21

Today we went 91 kilometers. At the beginning of the day it was clouded over and not too hot. We went about 50 kilometers to a town called Ponche. There we debated what to do. We could stay there and the day after go to Machala (the town we are at now) or we could […]

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Giving away the Gameboy

Too Bloody Hot (Machala, Ecuador)

I’m exhausted.  Bloody exhausted.  91 km in this heat is about 30 too many.  We simply can’t be on the road after about noon or one.  Note to self:  remember that. We had an option today – there was a town with a hotel after about 50 km.  In retrospect, we should have stopped, but […]

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Hot! (Naranjal, Ecuador)

I know, I know – I’m never satisfied.  When we were in the mountains I bitched and moaned about the climbs.  Now that we’re in the flatlands, I complain about the heat.  I just can’t win… But gads – is it hot!  I mean – IT’S HOT!  Blazing hot.  An inferno.  As though the rays […]

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Daryl’s Journal February 20

Today we went about 70 kilometers. It was extremely hot. I’m not sure what it was in degrees but it must have been over absolute 0. Today was actually pretty boring. We made it to a town called Naranjal. There were 2 options of hotels. 1 of them was $16, we’d have to get 2 […]

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Davy’s Journal February 20, 2010

Today we went about 70 km. It was very hot. We rode to about 1:00. When we got here Mom and I checked out a hotel. There were two hotels in the area. One was $30 and had three doubles. It had a hot shower and a good place for the bikes. The other one […]

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Stuck, Unstuck (Milagro, Ecuador)

(written in morning) This sucks – big time. I woke up in the middle of the night to the pitter-patter of raindrops bang-bang-banging of pouring rain on the corrugated tin roof outside my window. And it’s still at it. We’ve decided if it stops by noon we’ll take off – we don’t have far to […]

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Fixing a flat tire

Flat as a pancake (Babahoyo, Ecuador)

“This feels so weird,” Davy said as we pedaled side-by-side along the pancake-flat road of the coastal plain.  “I’m not used to riding on flat roads!” We started thinking about that idea – as far as we can remember, the last time we rode a flat road was near Cali, Colombia many months ago.  We’re […]

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An Andean village

Goodbye Andes, Hello Heat (Balsapalma, Ecuador)

The Andes are behind us. No more climbs until we decide we’re ready to head up again.  We still have about 25 km of descent to go and then we’ll be on the coastal plains – and heat. Already I feel the heat – humid and muggy, but not all that hot yet.  I know […]

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Bikes imprisoned (Guaranda, Ecuador)

Well, what a bummer.  I had a to-do list a mile long that I had hoped to get done today – but nearly everything on the list revolved around stuff from my bike.  And our bikes are still safely locked away in the church.  We’ve been trying all day to get hold of the priest, […]

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Carnival is Over! (Guaranda, Ecuador)

Wow!  That’s about all I can say right now.  Carnaval de Guaranda just finished with with a spectacular, high-energy extravanganza – five hours of professional dance groups from throughout Ecuador parading through the streets.  Wow! This parade was, by far, the best one yet.  The others in Guaranda were pretty high energy and fun, but […]

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Davy’s Journal February 15

Today we took a bus from Ambato to Guaranda.  It was so full that we didn’t get seats. When we got to Guaranda we went to the parade.  It was boring.  No one wanted to fight. Later, we went out to eat and saw this one guy who sold HUGE cotton candy.  After dinner I […]

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