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A summary of our journey

I’ve been working on getting all my old newsletters online along with slide shows for each one – it’s been a massive task!  I am now almost completely done – only the very most recent one is left.  So – for those of you who haven’t been with us from the beginning, I hope this […]

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More videos of Panama

John is really churning them out!  He’s got a video up explaining how ships go through the Panama Canal.  I still lurve watching those boats rise and fall! And one day, as I was slowly making my way through Panama, I saw an interesting looking contraption.  Of course, I had to stop to check it […]

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Panama Video

John got another one done!  He’s really churning these out right now!  Enjoy Panama!

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Taking a nap to pass the time

A Day at Sea (open seas)

A blinding flash of lightening lit up the sky momentarily, and we waited for the deafening roar of thunder we knew would follow. A few seconds later came the earsplitting bellow and we all fell into silence feeling the electricity in the air. Our last night in the San Blas and we were all hoping […]

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Davy’s Journal July 29

Today we left the islands we had stopped at and crossed the wavy sea until we got to another group of islands.  This group has three small islands.  We anchored down.  You’ll probably know why we’re in the sea because of Mom’s journals.  Dad, Daryl, and I swam to one of the islands.  Later, the […]

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Daryl’s Journal July 29

We started the trip from Panama to Colombia and are currently 3 days into it.  Mommy tried ginger as a seasick medication.  It worked great!  She said that ginger was very strong, so she swallowed it like a pill.  I had dramomine.  Dramomine works pretty well too. We started a game of Monopoly in the […]

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I slept on deck to avoid seasickness

More Paradise (San Blas Islands, Panama)

“There’s a dolphin!” Sure enough, a pod of dolphins frolicked around the boat as we ate breakfast. We slept beautifully on deck being rocked gently as the boat swayed in the gentle waves. A steady breeze kept us cool. Even so, I’m glad it’s not me who’s living on a boat. I can’t wait to […]

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The kids played cards and other games while underway

A Day in Paradise (San Blas Islands, Panama)

There’s just something about a child’s smile. The look of sheer delight as they jump off the side of a boat… The screams of happiness as they splash in the waves… The simple pleasures of burying each other in the sand… We spent the entire day lounging around in the San Blas Islands, playing on […]

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The lancha that would take us out to the Metacomet

Rough Crossing (Provenir, San Blas Islands, Panama)

“That was rough!” Dag, first mate of the Metacomet, said as we all caught our breath – finally. “I almost postphoned the trip,” added Hervé, the captain. “But I’m glad we came – we’re here! In paradise!” The group that arrived into Puerto Lindo on the Metacomet two days ago talked about smooth, glassy seas. […]

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The blue polymer layer is showing through on my Schwalbe tire

In Praise of Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tires

“What do you think, Nancy?” John asked me in Honduras.  “Should we change it?” My rear tire – a Schwalbe Marathon Plus – had worn thin.  Very thin.  The tread had been spread upon roads throughout Texas, Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala. “I don’t feel like changing it now,” I replied.  “Let’s wait until I get […]

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A New Look at Toys (Puerto Lindo, Panama)

Parenthood is a funny thing. I think about the things I do for my kids and shake my head in wonder. It wasn’t all that long ago that I would never dream of a whole day’s journey to buy toys. But now? Now it’s all just part of being “Mom”. A week ago or so […]

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Waiting for the Boat (Puerto Lindo, Panama)

Just a quick note to say we made it to the Atlantic side and are now waiting for the boat.  We take off tomorrow morning and will be incommunicado for a few days.  Once we make it there I´ll get journal entries up. All is well – the infection in my toe seems to be […]

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My Cheerleader (Puerto Lindo, Panama)

“Come on, Mom! You can do it!” It’s nice to have my own little cheerleader.Knowing we had a long day after our dismal mileage of yesterday, we were on the road before it was light. Even so, the traffic was horrendous, and I kept thinking about the autopista with very little traffic and an enormous […]

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Panama City

Busted! (Chilebre, Panama)

“You can’t ride here,” the Director of Operations for the autopista told us.  “It’s way too dangerous.  Big trucks ply this road all day – making it hazardous for bicyclists.” Crap.  Now what? Today was one of those days like an action movie – we jumped out of one situation right into the next.  Over […]

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Epsom Salts (Panama City, Panama)

“I need some salt,” I told the ladies behind the counter, “but I’m not sure what it’s called in Spanish.” They both leaned in a bit closer to try to figure out the puzzle. “It’s salt that you put in water so you can soak your feet,” I explained. They looked baffled. “I have an […]

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Ouch! (Panama City, Panama)

I’m in pain.  Severe pain.  And I have no idea how I’m going to get over to the other side of Panama to get on this boat…   I’ve been battling an ingrown toenail for a couple months now.  Way back when, I cut my nail down to try and dig it out – nada.  […]

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