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A summary of our journey

I’ve been working on getting all my old newsletters online along with slide shows for each one – it’s been a massive task!  I am now almost completely done – only the very most recent one is left.  So – for those of you who haven’t been with us from the beginning, I hope this […]

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Nicaragua & Costa Rica video!

OK, ok – so we’re just a *tad bit* behind on our videos, but John managed to get this one done today!  Enjoy!

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Welcome to Panama

Newsletter – Cycling in Costa Rica and Panama

July 21, 2009 Cycling Costa Rica and Panama has been a mixed blessing. In many ways it’s been wonderful – beaches for the kids to play on, fabulous roads for cycling, great value for the money… But in other ways, it’s been tough – the heat and humidity have dragged us down, Davy and I […]

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Border Town (Paso Canoas, Costa Rica)

There’s something odd about checking into a hotel at 8:30 in the morning.  “You want a room all the way until tomorrow morning?”  Yeah – something like that. By 5:30 this morning we were on the road – it’s the only way to even kinda, sorta beat the heat.  Although it’s hot at 5:30, it’s […]

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Davy’s Journal July 4, 2009

Today we got to the border of Panama. We are staying at a GREAT hotel. It has one fan, 3 single beds, one double bed, two chairs, one table, one toilet, one sink, and one shower with a glass panel to stop the water. It even has air conditioning!

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Soft (Rio Claro, Costa Rica)

We’ve gotten soft.  Too soft. All the way through Costa Rica, we’ve been beach-hopping our way south.  20 kilometers… 45 kilometers…  Certainly never more than 50 km in a day.  We’ve gotten used to our super-slow pace. So today we had 75 km to go.  Half again over what we’ve been doing for a while.  […]

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Off the Tourist Track (Cortez, Costa Rica)

I didn´t think it was possible to get off the tourist track here in Costa Rica.  Ever since we entered into this country, it seems like we’ve seen more foreigners than locals.  It’s crazy!  And to think this is the off-season… But today we managed to get off it – way off it!  We pulled […]

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Daryl’s Journal July 2

Today we traveled across a 40 km stretch of dirt road.  It was surprisingly flat.  We covered it by noon.  It was really hot when we got there though.  I tried riding Davy’s bike but with all the rocks I was bouncing around and it was dangerous, so Daddy let Davy play a game he […]

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Manuel Antonio National Park

Davy put together a video about our visit to Manuel Antonio a few days ago.  Check it out!

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Dust (Dominical, Costa Rica)

We survived!  For weeks now we’ve been fretting about this 45-km stretch of dirt road.  Since it’s rainy season, we had feared it would be one big mud-fest and we would be slipping and sliding the whole way. So this morning we set off bright and early – just in case that 45 kilometers took […]

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Sloths, Monkeys, Iguanas, & More (Quepos, Costa Rica)

We finally made it.  It took us quite a few days, but in the end – we got there!  Manuel Antonio National Park. And true to its promises, we saw lots of wildlife – a couple of 3-toed sloths, a whole messload of monkeys, iguanas scurrying here and there, woodpeckers drilling holes in trees, bats […]

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Closed (Quepos, Costa Rica)

OK – John’s finally able to walk without limping so we headed out to the national park – only to find it closed.  Apparently, it is closed every Monday.  Bummer! So what do we do?  Head to the beach, of course.  The boys will NEVER tire of hanging out in the water! And so we […]

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Hot Showers (Quepos, Costa Rica)

“I just took a hot shower!” Davy declared with a dreamy grin on his face.  “It felt soooo good!” Traveling like this makes us appreciate the little things in life – a hot shower (or a shower, period!), a soft bed, or a cooked meal.  It doesn’t take much to make us happy. This afternoon […]

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Davy’s journal June 27, 2009

Today we went to a beach. Well, we went to the river next to the beach. The river was too deep for Mom to walk across with the camera strapped to her waist. So we played at the river. It was fun. We had a mud fight. There was a little hole where water came […]

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Daryl’s Journal June 27, 2009

Today Mommy, Davy and I went to play in the beach. Unfortunately there was a river too deep for Mommy to walk through with her camera which meant that we couldn’t get to the beach. So Davy and I had to play in the river. It was fun. We swam, had a mud ball fight, […]

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Waiting (Quepos, Costa Rica)

We’re waiting – waiting for John’s bum to heal.  He says it’s slightly better today than it was last night, but he’s still in quite a bit of pain when he tries to walk.  What a bummer!

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