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A summary of our journey

I’ve been working on getting all my old newsletters online along with slide shows for each one – it’s been a massive task!  I am now almost completely done – only the very most recent one is left.  So – for those of you who haven’t been with us from the beginning, I hope this […]

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How I wish pineapples weren

On the Border (Bandera, Guatemala)

It was a pretty nondescript day of cycling today.  We pedaled past lots of small villages and green countryside.  I so enjoy watching daily life unfold in front of me as I ride by. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of all the various aspects of life here.  The men carrying their machetes out to […]

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Lazy (Rio Dulce, Guatemala)

OK, so we arrived here in Rio Dulce yesterday morning and have been relaxing in our air conditioned room or lounging by the pool ever since.  I know we should have updated our blog, but the truth of the matter is that we just plum didn´t feel like it! All is well, and we´re readying […]

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We took advantage of the hotel to make a delicious beef stew!

Tourist Haven (Rio Dulce, Guatemala)

Where did all these tourists come from?   We’ve known we’ve been cycling through a major tourist route for a while, but we didn’t see those tourists.  Sure, every once in a while a bus full of white people would come zooming past us, but that’s about it.  Every town we stopped in and every […]

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Riding past corn fields on the side of the road.

Not Quite (not quite Rio Dulce, Guatemala)

“Well Davy, whaddya think?  Can we ride today?”   All three of us waited with baited breath as Davy wandered around, testing his stomach.    Finally, he came back to the room with a smile.  “Yep!  I’m good.  Let’s go!”   “Yeah!” Daryl cried.  “Let’s get down to Jessie and Sammy!”   We had studied […]

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Davy was too sick to do anything.

Silver Lining (Poptun, Guatemala)

They say there’s a silver lining in every cloud.  Today Daryl and I found that lining – silver indeed! We were so bummed that Davy was sick, but seeing as how there was nothing we could do about it, we just sat back and relaxed.  Eventually the owner of our hotel came up and asked […]

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Determination (Poptun, Guatemala)

Sometimes even the strongest dose of determination can’t overcome certain obstacles.  And darn – we wish it would! This morning we woke Davy up really early to see how he was doing.  He walked around the hotel for a while, then told us he could do it – his stomach hurt a bit, but he […]

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A Piece of Advice

This is for all of you who have written asking for advice about touring.  Take this one to heart – it’s come from hard-earned wisdom. Don’t, under any circumstances, ever carry a dead mouse in your trailer when it’s 100 degrees out.  Seriously – don´t do it.  I promise you’ll regret it. So this morning […]

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Routines (Poptun, Guatemala)

It’s clear we’re going to have to work on our daily routine some more – it seems like I finally manage to figure out something that works and then everything changes again.   We figured out a while ago that we needed to be on the road at daybreak in order to make any mileage […]

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Daryl’s Journal March 31, 2009

Today we woke up extremely early. It was so early that I could not see the sun. We got packed and left. We eventually made it to a restaurant. They made a delicious type of beef. It was great. We made it into a town early and decided to take the day off.

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A typical house in northern Guatemala

Tortillas (Dolores, Guatemala)

Corn.  Corn is everywhere it seems.   All day I kept seeing small “milpas” of corn everywhere I looked.  Right on the side of the road, someone had planted a small plot of corn.  Big fields… small fields… corn, corn, and more corn.   And then we asked a family if we could pitch our […]

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Davy’s Journal March 30

Today at about 1:00 we stopped to wait out the hottest part of the day.  We stopped at a taco stand.  If was very hot, not to mention we were right next to a hot stove where they were cooking chickens.  After that, we rode more.  We stopped at someone’s house to ask if we […]

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John’s Journal March 29

“We used to wake the boys up before dawn and make them run barefoot and shirtless in the cold of the winter for miles – it helps build character.”  Those were the words of Margaret, the Navajo Indian we met on the reservation in Arizona.  If her words were correct, David and Daryl built a […]

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Recuperating (Santa Elena, Guatemala)

At 9:00 in the morning, we pulled into town and headed for a hotel.  We were ready to stop.  We faced a tough decision a few kilometers before that – but decided we needed the day off.    Eight kilometers before town we came to a junction – go straight and head into town (which […]

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Davy’s Journal March 29, 2009

Today we made it to the place we were going to go yesterday.  In other words, Santa Elena.  We pulled up to the hotel at about 9:15!!!  We went about 35 km today.  After we rolled in, we went to get something to eat.  We (me, Daryl, and Mom) went to Burger King.  That was […]

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Daryl’s Journal March 29, 2009

Today we rode to Santa Elena. There I got a stomach ache. It hurt. While I had it I had to take a shower. I hate showers and I hate stomach aches. Together it’s horrible. That’s about it.

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