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Davy’s Journal January 14

Today we started riding.  We went to a plaza.  There many reporters waited for us.  After that we went to a school.  We got a certificate from the principal.  After that, we went to a museum.  After that we went to a buffet.  That was good.  Then we rode out of town with our police […]

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Daryl’s Journal January 14

Today Davy and I played skateboard pulling. That’s where one person lays down on a skateboard (or if you’re insane you can stand up) and another person pulls him/her along using a long thing (preferably something stiff so you can stop them).  It’s really fun.

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The enormous furnace which heated water to power the engines and pump water to the fields.

Goodbye America, Hello Mexico! (Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico)

“Would it be OK if we went for a short ride on the motorcycles?” Claudio asked me. “Then we’ll get in the car and head over to immigration.” OK?!? Heck – the boys would love it! Each of us was assigned a spot on a moto – and away we went! I’m not sure just […]

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