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Breakfast with the family before we hit the road.

The Music (Sabancuy, Campeche, Mexico)

I hear music in my ears – and no, it’s not the music blaring from the political rally across the street. It’s the music of the road – the gentle hum of my tires rolling on the pavement, the annoying click in my pedals, the peaceful roar of waves on the white sand beach, he […]

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The family - Rafael, Magregor, Guadalupe, Carlos, Kevin

A Typical Mexican Family

Magregor´s family is typical of most families here in Mexico. The family – Rafael, Magregor, Guadalupe, Carlos, Kevin Guadalupe cooks breakfast in their kitchen Magregor has a workshop for motorcycles.  He works on them all morning. They eat their meals at the dining room table. The kids like to play with Playstation or watch movies […]

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On the local radio show

MotoClub Did It Again (Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico)

Our motorcycle friends did it again.  Honestly, I don´t even know what to say.  This morning Magregor came to pick us up at the hotel and take us to his house – and made us feel totally comfortable and at home. Every time we meet such wonderful people, I feel so grateful and humbled.  People […]

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You can

The Bridge (Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico)

We’ve developed a pretty healthy fear of long bridges over the past however-many months we’ve been traveling.  Short bridges aren’t a problem, but those long ones…  well, that’s different story.     When we crossed the Columbia River from Oregon to Washington over a 4-mile-long bridge, we feared for our lives.  The wind buffeted us […]

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A fisherman

Coastal Wetlands (Nuevo Progresso, Campeche, Mexico)

I never cease to be amazed at the diversity of landscape in this world.  It seems like each and every day we find new discoveries around each bend in the road.  Today was no different. We’ve been cycling through pretty dense jungle for a while now – but all of a sudden we entered into […]

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The Lazo family and the Vogels

El Ladron (Santa Rosa, Tabasco, Mexico)

“My bike!” Fer shouted as he looked around frantically.  “My bike is gone!” The nine of us – four Vogels and five Lazos – had ridden down to the Paseo Dominical to meet the mayor.  Every Sunday the main street in Villahermosa is closed to cars in an effort to encourage people to get out […]

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Davy’s Journal March 1 – Bye-Bye

We stayed with the Lazos for three nights. They lived in a gated community and had a pool, playstation, and an adorable Yorkshire Terrier named Gigi. I had also played on a pair of skyrunners and a waveboard. It was very, very hard to say bye.

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Daryl’s Journal March 1

Today we left the Lazo’s house.  The people who lived there (Fer, Ricky, Alle, and their mom and dad) traveled with us for 30 kilometers.  It was fun staying there.

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Birthday Parties and Hanging Out (Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico)

We needed today.  We had planned to leave early this morning, but ended up delaying our departure by a day – and it’s been perfect. The kids were invited to a birthday party at the pool, so they spent the afternoon splashing around.  John and I hung out chatting with Jorge and Alejandra and working […]

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The Vogel family at Palenque

Palenque (Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico)

“Vibora!” the worker called out as he motioned over to the bushes.  “Snake!” We all jumped up from where we were taking a break under a tree and rushed over.  Sure enough, there he was – an enormous boa constrictor in the wild.  This guy was about 4 inches in diameter and about two meters […]

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We spent the day wandering through the jungle at the La Venta Museum

Olmecans (Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico)

Who the heck are the Olmecs?  Don’t worry – I hadn’t heard of them either. But then we walked into the La Venta Museum and found lots and lots of enormous heads and other carvings – all from the Olmec people who lived in this area about 2500 years ago. You know?  They always say […]

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A iguana on the side of the road.  We have no idea what these egg things are that are coming out of his mouth.

Lasagne & Chocolate Fondue (Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico)

I had forgotten how good lasagna is. I can’t even remember the last time we’ve had that wonderfully delicious food. Jorge and Alejandra have been following our journey for a while and, as soon as they found out we would be passing through Villahermosa, they invited us to stay with them. And what a treat […]

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We are seeing more and more signs of poverty as we get farther south

Showers (Or A Lack Thereof) (Cardena, Tabasco, Mexico)

Ahhhhh… water!  It feels so good! There’s something about a shower… Water, glorious water running down my body… dripping off my nose…  I wish I could figure out a way to get a shower every day. Last night we found a great little spot to camp behind a restaurant.  It was flat and soft.  Our […]

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Swimming in the river behind the restaurant where we camped for the night.

Daryl’s Journal February 24

Today while we were in a restaurant, a little chick got in, but it couldn’t get out.  I saved it and brought it out to its mommy.  It was a really cute chick.  Then we left.  The day was pretty uneventful except at the end when me and Davy went swimming in a river behind […]

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Running from the spray of the truck while taking shelter from the rain under an overpass

Davy’s Journal February 24

Today it wasn’t supposed to rain, but guess what?  It did.  It was on and off rain showers.  It was like someone was flipping a switch or something.  The worst one was really bad.  Rain pounded down.  Lucky for us, we had an overpass to take shelter in. Running from the spray of the truck […]

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We made the front page of the local newspaper!

Companions (La Venta, Tabasco, Mexico)

Today was a first – the first time other cyclists actually had the patience to ride with us a whole day!   We’ve met up with a number of cyclists on our journey, but they manage to stay with us for an hour or so before pushing on – we go way too slowly for […]

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