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Chased by a bear

“Go, Davy, go!” I screamed in terror.  “He’s chasing you!  Pedal fast!” Only moments ago, the 400 pound black bear had been standing a mere four feet from my side. Now I stood, rooted in place, and watched it chase my ten-year-old son down the road. “Go, baby!” I shouted.  “Pedal!” Davy pumped with all […]

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Kayaking Glacier Bay and/or Inside Passage

OK – call me crazy. We just got back from three years on our bikes and now our dreams are running amok yet again… We’re hoping to make a kayak trip in Alaska a reality for next summer – but aren’t sure where to turn for info and help planning. If you have any contacts […]

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A summary of our journey

I’ve been working on getting all my old newsletters online along with slide shows for each one – it’s been a massive task!  I am now almost completely done – only the very most recent one is left.  So – for those of you who haven’t been with us from the beginning, I hope this […]

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One Year on the Road

As I think back upon this year on the road, I see fleeting glimpses of images rolling beneath my wheels: * the sheer beauty of snow-lined Atigun Pass * Arctic Circle sign * Santa Claus * entering Canada – our first crossing * buffalo, bears, and bighorn sheep * the end of the Alaska Highway […]

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Davy and Daryl

Newsletter – Back in the USA

September 10, 2008 I think back to the past month we’ve spent on the road and am simply stunned at how far we’ve come – in so many ways. The last time I wrote to you, we were just about to finish the Alaska Highway. Now, that part of the journey seems like a very […]

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Riding Through Ranchlands

Wham! (Waterton National Park, Canada)

WHAM! KABOOM! My bike toppled to the ground and, out of the corner of my eye, I saw John wobble past me, struggling to maintain control of his bike. It took a moment to figure out what had happened – it’s amazing how quickly everything can come crashing down. One moment I was straddling my […]

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Daryl’s Journal September 7

“Woah, Nancy!” Daddy said as he slammed into her.   I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but I’m guessing it was something like this: Daddy was going to go out in the road so I could give Davy a nickel (he keeps the found money). Daddy checked to make sure there were no cars… […]

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Davy’s Journal September 7

Today I saw a cow herder bring some cows across the road. It was neat. I got a picture of it, but they were a bit off the road because right after Mom got the camera out, Dad crashed into her and ripped her trailer open. He also bent his brake and front rim. In […]

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Lucked Out Again – John’s Journal September 6

The weather sucks, what else can I say?  September is supposed to be one of the driest months of the year yet the locals say this is one of the wettest summers they’ve ever seen.  Believe me, we’re all sick of this rain and so is everyone else we talk to. I could complain and […]

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Daryl’s Journal September 6

Today we went really fast. By noon we went 43 kilometers (26.843 miles). We started at about 9:30. That’s about 17 kilometers an hour. Davy and I split wood. Both of us split one. We tried about three logs before that though. We took about four swings per logs. That was really good practice.

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Davy’s Journal September 6

We set a new record by cycling 42 km by noon! We also listened to the weather forecast and it said that it’s supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow morning. They also predicted that it was going to rain between 10 and 15 mm of rain. We chopped wood. Someone let us use his axe. […]

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Left or Right? (Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada)

“OK guys, it’s time for a Pow-Wow.”  I gathered the boys around and explained the situation. “We can turn right here and go up and over Crowsnest Pass, which isn’t all that bad.  That way we skirt Glacier National Park.  If we turn left, we’re commited to going through Glacier and over a 6600-foot pass.  […]

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John and Daryl

Long Way With Nothing (Maycroft Rec Area, Alberta, Canada)

That’s a long road with nothing! As soon as we left Longview this morning we entered into ranchlands – and they never ended. The trees have been cleared away and the whole area is nothing more than huge grassy fields with cows and horses. But talk about hill! Huge gradual climb after huge gradual climb […]

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More Rain – John’s Journal September 5

Today was a cloudy, yucky day but at least we had a tailwind.  It started out partly cloudy then steadily grew worse and worse until there were scattered rain showers.   When the clouds in the distant south of us briefly broke up we could see the high mountains of Glacier National Park in Montana.  […]

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Daryl’s Journal September 5

This morning a nice couple gave us some gun. Dentyne Ice Spearmint to be exact. Before that, Davy and I had a choke cherry war. I tried eating some. They were horrible. The gun was good though. The nice couple also gave us cookies. There were ginger (2), oatmeal raisin (1), and another flavor we […]

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