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After 21 years of classroom teaching, Nancy Sathre-Vogel made the decision to leave her teaching career behind to travel the world on a bicycle. Together with her husband and twin sons, she cycled 27,000 miles throughout the Americas, including a jaunt from Alaska to Argentina. Now she lives in Idaho, pursuing her passion of encouraging others to dream big and make it happen through public speaking, personal coaching, and writing. She is also a beadwork artist.

Nancy drinking mate

Vogel family in andes

Nearing the top of our very first big climb into the Andes. We were terrified of that climb, but made it!

Vogel family on dalton highway

Day 3 of our journey! We were still in the Arctic tundra in the land of 24-hour sunshine and too far north for trees to grow. Although we had beautiful sunny days, there was still ice on the lakes.

cycling the peru desert

Cycling the Peruvian desert coast. It was very, very barren and we frequently an entire day without seeing a single bush or blade of grass.

biking in snow Montana

That was a surprise! We woke up in our tent on top of Big Hole in Montana to find everything covered with snow. It was a cold ride down from that pass…

cycling the Dalton Highway

Day 1!! When we left Prudhoe Bay, it would be 500 miles to the closest grocery store. It took us sixteen days to do that segment.

welcome to honduras

Our sixth country! We were very excited to get to Honduras because we would meet with some new friends and some old.

bike touring argentina fix flat tire

Fixing flat tires is never fun, but when you’ve got incredible Andean views surrounding you, it’s not all that bad.

ushuaia sign

We did it! We had cycled 17,285 miles through fifteen countries to reach this sign. What a day!

Changing Gears


  1. Changing Gears, Conquering Your Fears and Taking on the Impossible - March 21, 2013

    […] Nancy Sathre-Vogel is an inspiration. She’s one of the few people in this world who knows what conquering your fears and living your dreams is all about. Nancy is one of the first women I encountered in the blogosphere and has been a continual source of motivation and a shoulder to cry on when things go wrong. She’s powerful, strong and a brilliant writer. Last year while backpacking around Asia I read a copy of her book “Twenty Miles Per Cookie: 9000 Miles of Kid-Powered Adventures” – an entertaining tale of the family’s bike tour around North America. But… this is not what Nancy is known for. […]

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