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A Year in the US and Mexico Magic on Two Wheels- 2006 & 2007

                                                       Road Angels All we hear about, it seems, are the bad people: drug dealers, suicide bombers, bank robbers, and murderers. By watching the nightly news or reading the […]

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Gila Wilderness, New Mexico- 1988

When I was making money in the oilfields in Hobbs, New Mexico, I decided to buy the first mass-produced mountain bike: the original Specialized Stumpjumper. In 1988 I went to nearby Gila Wilderness for a 3-day ride over the trails to test its capabilities. At that time mountain bikes were so new they had no […]

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Alaska to Albuquerque, New Mexico- 1985

During the summer of 1985 I flew to Anchorage, Alaska and rode my bicycle from there to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I passed through the Yukon Territories, then through British Columbia via the Cassiar Highway. I continued down the coast through Washington, Oregon, and northern California before cutting through Yosemite to Nevada, Utah, Arizona and finally […]

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Baja, Mexico- 1989

During Christmas vacation of 1989 my sister, Jane, and I rode our bicycles around the southern part of Baja, Mexico. The country, at that time, was remote and undeveloped. The majority of the roads were dirt tracks and the villages seemed like they were out of the 1800’s. We recently took another bike trip there […]

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Baja, Mexico – 1991

Nancy & I toured the northern part of Baja during our Christmas break in 1991. Our intention was to pedal south as far as time allowed. We soon discovered, however, that dirty diapers and other trash lined the road in copious amounts, so we headed off the main highway onto dirt roads. Once we left […]

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USA & Mexico 2006/07

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Please Mom! (Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico)

“Please Mom!” Davy pleaded.  “Can we stay here today?” John and I had gotten up bright and early and had our gear nearly packed and ready to go before we got the kids up. The first words out of Davy’s mouth were, “Can we stay?” I suppose we needed a day like today – a […]

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Goodbye North America! (Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico)

It’s funny how those major milestones can get lost when you are smack dab in the middle of them… Yesterday I was simply so plum thrilled to get off my bike for a day that I failed to recognize the significance of getting here – to Chetumal, to the border with Belize.  As I lay […]

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Almost to Belize!

On the Border (Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico)

A city!  A real, live city! After cycling across the Yucatan, through remote jungle for four days, it was great to pull into a city and indulge in all the luxuries a city affords.  We’ve got an air-conditioned hotel room (ahhhhh….), a warm shower, junk food from a supermarket…  What more could we ask for? […]

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The Yucatan goes on and on and on and...

An Easy Day? (Nachicocom, Quintana Roo, Mexico)

“I say we sleep in tomorrow, then have an easy day,” John suggested last night. I couldn’t agree more.  After two of the most difficult days of the trip, I was more than ready for an easy day.  Besides, we only had 120 km to Chetumal, so we could afford a 50 km day and […]

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Going down one of our thousand hills

Heat + Hills + Headwind = Excruciating (Xpujil, Campeche, Mexico)

Old Zofuenizer just won’t let up.  Yesterday I was sure he was blowing with the full force of his mighty lungs, but today proved me wrong. We battled the fierce headwind all day long with no relief whatsoever.  By early afternoon the wind, heat, and hills had beaten me down – I was fried.  Toast  […]

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At least the birds were pretty...

Hot Dragon’s Breath (Conhuis, Campeche, Mexico)

There’s a dragon up there – I can see him in my mind’s eye.  I sneak around a corner and spy him – his ample girth covers the entire road and his scales glisten in the sunlight.  I’ve named him Zofuenizer – Neez for short. Neez appears to be sleeping, but as I approach, the […]

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Cycling Tabasco, Mexico

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The Flames of Hell (Escarcega, Campeche, Mexico)

It’s hot.  The flames of hell sounded quite appealing today.  This heat makes a bike ride on the surface of the sun seem like a cakewalk.  It was so hot today I started dreaming of cooling off by jumping into the wicked witch’s cauldron.  In other words – it’s hot. I drank water by the […]

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The boys enjoyed jumping off the swing into the pool.

A Day in the Water (Sabancuy, Campeche, Mexico)

The kids can never get enough. I swear those two are part fish (and the other part monkey!).They rolled out of bed this morning and fell right into the pool at the hotel. A few hours later we jumped in a ¨taxi¨and headed over to the beach, where they spent the whole afternoon in the […]

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Breakfast with the family before we hit the road.

The Music (Sabancuy, Campeche, Mexico)

I hear music in my ears – and no, it’s not the music blaring from the political rally across the street. It’s the music of the road – the gentle hum of my tires rolling on the pavement, the annoying click in my pedals, the peaceful roar of waves on the white sand beach, he […]

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