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Math time

Siesta time and bitty bugs (San Pedro, Argentina)

“We’d better buy what we want now,” John said as we pulled into town.  “If we wait til we’re checked into a hotel, the store will be closed.” We’re learning fast – Argentinians take their siesta seriously.  Everything – absolutely everything – is closed from 1 – 6.  If we want food, we need to […]

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Cycling in the Peruvian Andes

Complaining won’t change a gosh-darn thing

We were cycling in southern Peru on the shores of Lake Titicaca at about 12,000 feet in the Andes. It was smack dab in the middle of the coldest winter on record and I was bundled up with wool tights, wool sweater, wool hat and gloves. My face, the only part of body not covered […]

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coast of Peru

Too hot for ice cream (Mancora, Peru)

Warning:  Major rant alert.  If you don’t want to read a bunch of random ranting and raving, please click away now.  I am hot and tired and sweaty and grumpy and I might change my mind an hour from now – but this is how I feel right here at this moment. “I don’t sell […]

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John’s Journal June 21

It was hot and sunny today.  I’d be conservative if I said it got up to 80 degrees – it was probably more like 85 or even 90.  It’s incredible to think that, during the winter, it gets down to -60 quite frequently, the low being -80.  As we rode through the boreal forest, the […]

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Proud of My Boys

I’m sitting here listening to the constant drone of mosquitoes swarming our tent, contemplating how in the heck we’re gonna out of here.  Thousands of hungry bugs are hanging around, just waiting for the minute we emerge from our protective cocoon.  But I’m absolutely in awe of the kids’ attitude – they are the happiest […]

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