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I can’t wait! In only six weeks, I’ll be heading up to Pendicton, Canada for the Family Adventure Summit! I am so honored to have been asked to speak at this conference, and am thrilled to share my knowledge and expertise about roadschooling with parents who want to take their kids on the road.

What is the Family Adventure Summit? Well, it’s…. going to be awesome. Brandon Pearce, one of the main organizers of the conference wrote a post explaining it way better than I can – so he agreed to let me repost what he wrote. I so hope to see you there!


I am so excited for the Family Adventure Summit! If you’re at all interested in family travel, then I highly encourage you to check out this live event. We’ll cover all aspects of long-term family travel, from finances and ways to fund your travels while saving big on expenses, to education on the road, to community building, to making it all a more meaningful and connecting experience – all in a fun and beautiful environment with games and educational activities for kids and adults.

This video explains a bit more:

Having been working on organizing this conference for the past several months, let me share a little insight into how it got started, and why.

The Beginnings of FAS

Last summer, we were visiting at a park in Victoria, B.C. with a family from Barcelona, talking about our travel plans for the year. When we mentioned we were speaking at a few conferences, they asked, “Are they family travel conferences?” But they weren’t – they were education conferences. The idea of a family travel conference had never occurred to us. Jen and I looked at each other with big eyes and both thought the same thing – a family travel conference would be amazing!! We should totally do that!!!

So we began creating it.

So many families want to travel the world long-term together, but many of them don’t know where to start. They’re held back by finances, by fears of safety, overwhelmed by the logistics of simplifying their possessions and living out of a suitcase, but also inspired by the idea of learning about the world through more first-hand experiences.

There’s also the existing traveling family community. When we started traveling in 2009, we thought we were the only ones doing this. We eventually discovered a handful of others. Fast forward to today, where there are thousands of families traveling the world long-term, and several Facebook groups to discuss practicalities and schedule meetups. More and more families are making this lifestyle their reality. It’s never been easier.

But what’s often missed by this community is the in-person interaction and sense of lasting community. We wanted to do more to create that for ourselves and others, while at the same time inspiring families who need some support in getting out the door.

We put together a great team to help us create an amazing experience, and it’s been so fun working together on this shared vision.

We wanted to make this conference accessible to those in the U.S. and Canada. We contacted so many hotels and resorts in the USA, trying to find the perfect place. But most were so expensive it would have put us heavily in debt to create this conference. We finally found the perfect spot at the Penticton Lakeside Resort in Penticton, BC, Canada, near the home of one of our team members, Amy.

We’ve now got our website up and are booking speakers and creating a full schedule of inspiring keynotes, group discussions, hands-on workshops, activities, and fun games for kids and adults. Families are already registering for the event and it’s looking to be a fantastic experience for all.

If you’re interested in traveling the world with your family, or want to meet other traveling families, get your tickets now! There’s an early bird special that runs until the end of February, 2017, so it’s best to get your tickets sooner than later.

It’s been a lot of fun preparing for this event. We’re expecting around 200 people, or 50 families. I’ve never planned an event of this scale before, and I’ve had to learn a whole set of new skills and lingo, and learn a new way to work with a team. It’s been a fun challenge, and I’m so excited to be a part of it.

I hope we’ll see you there! If you know other families who may be interested in this event, please share this post or the video with them, or send them to to learn more. You can also join the newsletter on the home page to stay updated on the latest happenings with the conference.

Thank you and happy travels!

Since 2009, Brandon Pearce has been traveling nomadically with his wife Jennifer, and three daughters, now ages 13 (Emily), 11 (Marie), and 5 (Aysia).

In that time, they’ve visited over 32 countries while worldschooling and running an online business:, which helps independent music teachers run their teaching studios.

Brandon’s business started as a hobby project, but has since grown to the upper six figure level, employing over 20 people, all of whom work from home around the world. Brandon has been featured on Tim Ferriss’ 4-hour workweek blog and Chris Guillebeau’s New York Times bestseller, “The $100 Startup.”

When not traveling or hanging out with his family, Brandon writes on his blog,, coaches entrepreneurs and individuals to create the life of their dreams, and enjoys qigong, photography, and writing music.

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  1. Izy Berry August 20, 2017 at 1:34 pm #

    Best of luck with the summit next week!! I’m sure it’ll be great 🙂

  2. Addy Brown May 13, 2018 at 1:05 am #

    The Family Adventure Summit is an opportunity for families to connect in person around the topics of long-term travel and location independence, remote income, education, community, life fulfillment, and more.

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