Falling in love with & while cycling: Solo & single bike holidays

Of course, it is great if you, like the Vogel family, can set out on amazing and inspiring bike adventures as a group. But in our modern times, not everybody is as fortunate when it comes to building a family or even finding Mr or Ms Right to start a relationship. According to last year’s “Unmarried and Singles American Week 2016″, as many as 109 million people in the US were single in 2015. That amounts to approximately 45 % of all US residents! The fact that these numbers are going rise further in 2016 and 2017 seems to be a sure bet. Solo travel can be wonderful, but it can also be wonderful to meet up with other single travelers.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that organised holidays for singles and/or solo travellers have become a huge thing in the global tourism industry. And that’s cool, because these holidays are a great way to get in touch with other fellow “Singletons” and – even more important – with yourself! For lonely bike enthusiasts, solo and/or single bike holidays have it all! You get to discover amazing places while meeting other cyclists with whom you have at least three things in common: their love for bikes, traveling and being single. So, let’s check out just a tiny fraction of all the magnificent destinations for your next bike holiday and let’s take a look at some organisers for single & solo bicycle holidays worldwide.

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The world at your pedals!

  1. Traveling by bike from the top of North American to the lowest tip of South America with your family is wild! Hiking the Jordan Trail like John Vogel did just recently is also more on the extreme side. But there are fantastic destinations out there which will enchant you for a couple of days. In the spirit of John’s adventures in Jordan, you could for example book an eight-day tour through the Southern Oasis of Morocco! These organised cycling tours for singles are rated as moderate in terms of difficulty and length. You’ll cover around 44 km per day. Or, if you prefer less sun and fresher temperatures, embark on a single bicycle tour called Coast & Castles Cycling in the UK. To be more precise, you’ll ride for four days from Newcastle to Edinburgh along a truly stunning and mostly flat scenery. The last point is quite important, as you’ll be covering between 70 and 96 km a day! You could also book a single bike holiday via wheel2wheelholidays.com! These guys specialise in cycling trips for singles all over Europe. One example is a tour from Munich in Germany to Salzburg in Austria. If you’re a single man you could skip all the “getting to know a lady” part and discreetly book a top escort in Munich. These sporty ladies are up for anything and a four-day bike tour with a charming guy is definitely an adventure they’d love. Then there’s Asia! Take the trip through Kerala and Tropical India for instance. Together with max 11 other single cyclists you’ll enjoy 10 days packed with unforgettable experiences. And then there are the big ones, like a Coast-2-Coast Tour in America, where you’ll hit the road for a total of 52 days!

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Tour operators that offer bike holidays for solo travellers and singles

can be found in the hundreds on the World Wide Web! The 52-days coast to coast ride in the US can be booked via USA Bike Tours. However, these are not explicit single or solo tours, so you might enjoy these great trips through the US with couples and/or families. To get more to the point, check out the already mentioned tour operator Wheel 2 Wheel. Here you’ll find only single cycling tours (all between 7 and 14 days long) in the most beautiful destinations Europe has in store. France, Spain, Germany, Austria – you name it!

Backroads (www.backroads.com) is a tour operator that also specialises on bike tours all over the globe. These guys organise solo cycling tours in Canada, Asia, the United States, South America, Europe, Africa and even in the Caribbean! Backroads also offers hiking tours, ocean tours, snow adventures and so on. Last but not least, there are the travel adventure experts from Explore (www.explore.co.uk).

Since nearly 35 years, this tour operator from the UK organises truly amazing trips for adventure travellers! Of course, they also offer a remarkable choice of cycling tours for solo travel all over the world. They even personalise these trips: according to the ages of the participants, their fitness level, and their wishes. Just imaging discovering exotic places like Burma, Cuba or Vietnam by bike and maybe even meeting the one and only, while enjoying these fantastic bicycle holidays for single and solo travellers.

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